150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Purple

In the world of baby names, parents often seek unique and meaningful choices that reflect their hopes and desires for their little ones. One captivating trend that has gained popularity is opting for names that evoke a sense of wonder and beauty. Among these enchanting options, there is a particular fascination with names that mean purple. Symbolizing royalty, spirituality, and creativity, purple is a color that exudes elegance and allure.

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Names That Mean Purple
Names That Mean Purple

Parents who gravitate towards names that mean purple are drawn to the symbolism and significance associated with this captivating hue. They desire names that not only sound melodious but also carry a deeper meaning, encapsulating the essence of their child’s personality and their aspirations for their future. Whether they are seeking a name for a baby girl or a baby boy, the allure of purple-themed names has captured their imagination.

In this article, we will explore a curated list of names that mean purple, delving into their origins, meanings, and unique qualities. From exotic and rare names derived from various cultures to familiar and popular choices with a touch of purple symbolism, we have gathered a diverse range of options to inspire parents-to-be. Whether you are looking for a name that directly translates to purple or one that embodies the spirit of this enchanting color, we have something for everyone.

So, if you are expecting a little bundle of joy and want to embrace the mystique and charm of the color purple, join us as we embark on a journey through the world of names that mean purple. Discover the perfect name that will not only make your child stand out but also carry a profound meaning that resonates throughout their life.

American Names That Mean Purple

1. Amethyst

2. Violet

3. Lilac

4. Lavender

5. Plum

6. Mauve

7. Indigo

8. Orchid

9. Iris

10. Periwinkle

11. Magenta

12. Lila

13. Bluebell

14. Grape

15. Mulberry

16. Hyacinth

17. Thistle

18. Wisteria

19. Heather

20. Pansy

21. Dahlia

22. Jacaranda

23. Lavandin

24. Myrtle

25. Orchidea

26. Wister

27. Acai

28. Elderberry

29. Verbena

30. Amaranth

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Indian Names That Mean Purple

1. Neelam – means “sapphire” in Hindi

2. Amethyst – a purple gemstone

3. Indigo – a deep shade of purple

4. Rani – means “queen” in Hindi

5. Purpura – a Latin word for “purple”

6. Yamini – means “night” or “darkness” in Sanskrit

7. Violette – a variation of the name Violet

8. Jamuna – means “purple river” in Hindi

9. Lavanya – means “beauty” in Sanskrit

10. Bilva – means “purple fruit” in Sanskrit

11. Manika – means “gem” or “jewel” in Hindi

12. Pari – means “fairy” in Hindi

13. Amara – means “eternal” in Sanskrit

14. Kavya – means “poetry” in Sanskrit

15. Sangeeta – means “music” in Sanskrit

16. Suman – means “flower” in Hindi

17. Anila – means “wind” in Sanskrit

18. Vanya – means “forest” in Sanskrit

19. Tara – means “star” in Sanskrit

20. Amruta – means “sweetness” in Sanskrit

21. Divya – means “divine” in Sanskrit

22. Harini – means “deer” in Sanskrit

23. Mahi – means “earth” in Sanskrit

24. Nilima – means “blue sapphire” in Sanskrit

25. Priya – means “beloved” in Sanskrit

26. Shreya – means “auspicious” in Sanskrit

27. Tanvi – means “delicate” in Sanskrit

28. Vaishnavi – means “devotee of Lord Vishnu” in Sanskrit

29. Zara – means “blooming flower” in Hindi

30. Aruna – means “reddish-purple” in Sanskrit

Japanese Names That Mean Purple

1. Murasaki – meaning “purple” in Japanese

2. Ayame – meaning “iris,” a flower often associated with purple

3. Shion – meaning “purple aster,” a symbol of love and femininity

4. Ruri – meaning “lapis lazuli,” a deep blue gemstone often associated with purple hues

5. Sumire – meaning “violet,” a flower known for its purple color

6. Koki – meaning “deep purple”

7. Yuriko – meaning “lily child,” lilies often come in shades of purple

8. Kurenai – meaning “deep red,” a color often associated with purple tones

9. Murasakibara – meaning “purple field”

10. Benikaze – meaning “crimson wind,” a poetic name evoking purple shades

11. Ayaka – meaning “colorful flower,” symbolizing the vibrant shades of purple

12. Rikuto – meaning “distant violet”

13. Juri – meaning “purple thunder,” a name with a strong and unique meaning

14. Umeji – meaning “plum child,” plums can have purple-colored skin

15. Shizuka – meaning “quiet purple,” representing the calmness and serenity of the color

16. Momoji – meaning “maple leaf,” which can turn purple in autumn

17. Rinka – meaning “moon flower,” associated with the moon’s purple glow

18. Shoko – meaning “early summer,” when flowers bloom in various shades of purple

19. Hikari – meaning “light,” symbolizing the radiant beauty of the color purple

20. Ayuru – meaning “purple lily,” a unique combination of flowers and colors

21. Aoi – meaning “blue,” representing the cool and serene nature of purple shades

22. Yurina – meaning “lily of the village,” inspired by the purple lily flowers

23. Asagi – meaning “pale purple,” representing the softer tones of the color

24. Ayu – meaning “beautiful violet,” a name that celebrates the beauty of purple hues

25. Takara – meaning “treasure,” symbolizing the preciousness of purple colors

26. Chikako – meaning “thousand purple,” a name evoking the abundance and richness of the color

27. Konomi – meaning “favor, beauty,” a name that captures the allure of purple shades

28. Saya – meaning “colorful,” representing the vibrant and varied shades of purple

29. Ayumi – meaning “walk, progress,” a name symbolizing the growth and evolution of purple

30. Shunji – meaning “spring child,” associated with the blooming of purple flowers in springtime.

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Greek Names That Mean Purple

1. Amethysta – Derived from the gemstone amethyst, which is a shade of purple.

2. Iolanthe – Means “violet flower” in Greek.

3. Iris – The Greek goddess of the rainbow, symbolizing various colors including purple.

4. Lavenderia – A unique name combining “lavender” and the Greek suffix “-ia.”

5. Persephone – The Greek goddess associated with spring and rebirth, often depicted wearing purple.

6. Viola – A musical name derived from the violin family, also meaning “violet.”

7. Orchidea – Inspired by the purple orchid flower.

8. Amarantha – Derived from the Greek word “amarantos,” meaning “unfading” or “purple flower.”

9. Lilacina – A combination of “lilac” and the feminine suffix “-ina.”

10. Thalia – Means “blossom” or “to flourish” in Greek, representing the vibrant hues of purple flowers.

11. Melaina – Derived from the Greek word for “dark” or “black,” often associated with deep purple shades.

12. Violetta – A variation of “violet” that adds a touch of elegance.

13. Hyacinthia – Inspired by the hyacinth flower, which can come in shades of purple.

14. Mauve – A unique name directly derived from the French word for “purple.”

15. Amethystos – A Greek name directly referencing the gemstone amethyst.

16. Thessalia – Inspired by the region of Thessaly in Greece, known for its beautiful purple flowers.

17. Syringa – The scientific name for lilac, a shrub with fragrant purple flowers.

18. Ione – Means “violet flower” or “purple gem” in Greek.

19. Morpheus – Derived from the Greek god of dreams, often associated with the color purple.

20. Magenta – A distinctive name directly derived from the vibrant shade of purple.

21. Byzantium – Inspired by the ancient Greek city known for its purple dye production.

22. Cyanne – A unique name inspired by the colors cyan and purple.

23. Viorela – A variation of “violet” with a touch of Greek flair.

24. Phoenicia – Inspired by the ancient Phoenician civilization, renowned for their purple dye.

25. Lysandra – Derived from the Greek words “lysis” (dissolution) and “andros” (man), symbolizing the dissolving of masculinity into femininity.

26. Amaranthine – A poetic name derived from “amaranth,” a flower symbolizing immortality and often associated with the color purple.

27. Thallo – Derived from the Greek word for “to bloom” or “to sprout,” representing the vibrant purple shades of blooming flowers.

28. Liliosa – A unique combination of “lilac” and the feminine suffix “-osa.”

29. Indigo – Derived from the deep purple-blue dye extracted from the indigo plant.

30. Acantha – Means “thorn” or “spike” in Greek, symbolizing the sharp and vibrant nature of purple.

French Names That Mean Purple

1. Amethyste – meaning “purple gem”

2. Lavande – meaning “lavender”

3. Pourpre – meaning “purple”

4. Lilas – meaning “lilac”

5. Violet – meaning “violet”

6. Indigo – meaning “indigo”

7. Prune – meaning “plum”

8. Orchidée – meaning “orchid”

9. Mauve – meaning “mauve”

10. Iris – meaning “iris”

11. Fuchsia – meaning “fuchsia”

12. Pivoine – meaning “peonies”

13. Campanule – meaning “bellflower”

14. Azur – meaning “azure”

15. Jacinthe – meaning “hyacinth”

16. Anémone – meaning “anemone”

17. Violette – meaning “violet”

18. Grenade – meaning “pomegranate”

19. Fauve – meaning “wildcat”

20. Aubergine – meaning “eggplant”

21. Cerise – meaning “cherry”

22. Glycine – meaning “wisteria”

23. Hortensia – meaning “hydrangea”

24. Parme – meaning “lilac”

25. Prunelle – meaning “sloe”

26. Capucine – meaning “nasturtium”

27. Myrtille – meaning “blueberry”

28. Raisin – meaning “grape”

29. Marjolaine – meaning “marjoram”

30. Brume – meaning “haze”

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Arabic Names That Mean Purple

1. Banafsaj: Meaning “purple violet”

2. Qamarah: Meaning “purple moon”

3. Rimal: Meaning “purple sand”

4. Amethyst: Meaning “purple gemstone”

5. Zarta: Meaning “purple flower”

6. Banan: Meaning “purple fruit”

7. Ghazal: Meaning “purple gazelle”

8. Fawzia: Meaning “victorious purple”

9. Raqia: Meaning “purple sky”

10. Delila: Meaning “purple grapevine”

11. Yasmine: Meaning “purple jasmine”

12. Zamzam: Meaning “purple water”

13. Sabra: Meaning “purple cactus”

14. Nada: Meaning “purple dew”

15. Rania: Meaning “purple queen”

16. Joudi: Meaning “purple generosity”

17. Layyin: Meaning “soft purple”

18. Afifa: Meaning “purple virtue”

19. Nura: Meaning “purple light”

20. Nisrin: Meaning “purple flowers”

21. Lulu: Meaning “purple pearl”

22. Hadia: Meaning “purple gift”

23. Salsabil: Meaning “purple spring”

24. Zafran: Meaning “purple saffron”

25. Nawiya: Meaning “purple wave”

26. Afnan: Meaning “purple branches”

27. Dalia: Meaning “purple flower”

28. Ghadir: Meaning “purple stream”

29. Wajd: Meaning “purple passion”

30. Rasha: Meaning “purple gazelle”

In conclusion, the article has shed light on the fascinating world of names that mean purple. It has explored various cultures and languages, uncovering a plethora of unique and beautiful names associated with the color purple.

From Lavender and Violeta to Iolanthe and Murasaki, these names evoke a sense of elegance, mystery, and creativity. They not only reflect the beauty of the color, but also hold deep meanings and symbolism within different cultures.

The significance of the color purple throughout history has played a crucial role in shaping these names. Whether it be representing royalty, spirituality, or creativity, the color purple has left a lasting impression on societies worldwide.

Furthermore, the article has highlighted the popularity of these names in recent years and their appeal to parents looking for distinctive and meaningful names for their children. It has also emphasized the versatility of these names, as they can be used for both boys and girls, making them even more appealing to a wide range of individuals.

Ultimately, names that mean purple offer a unique and enchanting option for individuals seeking a name that harmonizes beauty, symbolism, and cultural significance. Whether one is drawn to the regal connotations of names like Amethyst or the poetic allure of names like Lilac, the options are endless when it comes to finding a name that captures the essence of the color purple.

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