150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Angel

In a world filled with diverse cultures and languages, names carry immense significance. They not only define our identity but also reflect our beliefs, aspirations, and values. Names that symbolize purity, love, and divine protection have always held a special place in our hearts. One such category of names that resonates deeply with many individuals is those that mean “angel.”

The concept of angels has been present in various religions, mythologies, and folklore throughout history. Angels are often depicted as celestial beings, messengers of God or protectors, bringing comfort, guidance, and blessings to those they watch over. It is no wonder that parents looking for meaningful and ethereal names for their children often turn to names that embody the essence of these celestial beings.

Whether you are seeking a name that reflects your spiritual beliefs or simply appreciate the beauty and grace associated with angels, there is an array of options to choose from. From ancient names with rich mythological origins to more modern and unique creations, the range of names that mean “angel” is vast and diverse.

In this article, we will explore the enchanting world of names that mean “angel.” We will delve into various cultures and languages, unveiling the hidden gems that encapsulate the angelic qualities we hold dear. Whether you are expecting a child, looking to change your own name, or simply curious about the meanings behind these captivating names, join us on this journey as we discover the heavenly realm of names that mean “angel.”


150+ American Names That Mean Angel


1. Seraphina – Derived from the Hebrew word for angel, Seraphina is a beautiful and unique choice.
2. Celestia – Meaning “heavenly” or “of the sky,” Celestia evokes a celestial and angelic presence.
3. Evangeline – This name means “bringer of good news” and carries a sense of divine intervention.
4. Zeraphiel – A unique twist on the traditional Seraphiel, this name means “angel of love” in Hebrew.
5. Angelou – A combination of “angel” and “lou,” this name is a fresh and modern take on angelic inspiration.
6. Harmonia – Meaning “angel of harmony,” this name symbolizes both peace and divine guidance.
7. Caelum – Derived from the Latin word for “heaven,” Caelum is a unique name that signifies angelic origins.
8. Amara – This name means “eternal” or “immortal” and exemplifies the angelic nature of everlasting beings.
9. Nuriel – Meaning “fire of God” in Hebrew, Nuriel represents the celestial light and power of an angel.
10. Aisling – This Irish name means “dream” or “vision,” often associated with angelic messages through dreams.
11. Kaelan – Derived from the Irish word for “slender” or “mighty warrior,” Kaelan signifies a guardian angel.
12. Elysia – Meaning “blessed” or “blissful,” Elysia brings forth the image of an angelic paradise.
13. Uriah – Derived from the Hebrew name Uriyah, meaning “God is my light,” this name represents angelic guidance.
14. Angelica – A classic name that directly translates to “angelic,” Angelica is a timeless choice.
15. Elara – Derived from the Greek word for “shining light,” Elara signifies a radiant and angelic presence.
16. Gabriel – A unisex name meaning “God is my strength,” Gabriel is a powerful and angelic choice.
17. Arianwen – This Welsh name means “blessed and holy,” embodying the essence of an angelic being.
18. Micah – Meaning “who is like God,” Micah represents the strength and grace of an angel.
19. Anaelle – A unique combination of “angel” and “elle,” this name carries a delicate and heavenly quality.
20. Malachi – Derived from the Hebrew word for “my messenger,” Malachi signifies an angelic bearer of news.
21. Serenity – This name evokes a serene and peaceful presence, reminiscent of an angel’s gentle touch.
22. Zephira – Meaning “west wind,” Zephira represents the gentle and soothing nature of an angel’s presence.
23. Ariel – Derived from the Hebrew word for “lion of God,” Ariel symbolizes both strength and angelic grace.
24. Seren – A Welsh name meaning “star,” Seren brings forth the image of a celestial and angelic being.
25. Rafaela – A feminine form of Raphael, meaning “God has healed,” Rafaela embodies the nurturing aspect of an angel.
26. Liora – Derived from the Hebrew word for “light,” Liora signifies the radiant glow of an angel’s presence.
27. Amias – A Latin name meaning “beloved,” Amias represents the unconditional love and care of an angel.
28. Althea – Meaning “healing power,” Althea embodies the comforting and restorative nature of an angel.
29. Serafina – A variation of Seraphina, Serafina means “fiery ones” and reflects the angelic nature of divine beings.
30. Cassiel – Derived from the Hebrew word for “shield of God,” Cassiel represents the protective and guardian qualities of an angel.


150+ Indian Names That Mean Angel


1. Anjali – Meaning “angelic”
2. Devika – Meaning “little goddess”
3. Ishika – Meaning “divine”
4. Naina – Meaning “beautiful eyes”
5. Aarav – Meaning “peaceful angel”
6. Anaya – Meaning “caring angel”
7. Divya – Meaning “divine beauty”
8. Mohini – Meaning “enchanting angel”
9. Alok – Meaning “radiant angel”
10. Riya – Meaning “singer of angels”
11. Pranav – Meaning “divine sound”
12. Aarti – Meaning “angelic offering”
13. Pari – Meaning “fairy-like angel”
14. Ansh – Meaning “divine essence”
15. Kavya – Meaning “poetess angel”
16. Ayaan – Meaning “gift of angels”
17. Kiran – Meaning “ray of angels”
18. Aradhya – Meaning “worshiped angel”
19. Prisha – Meaning “gift from heaven”
20. Neelam – Meaning “sapphire angel”
21. Arnav – Meaning “ocean of angels”
22. Shivani – Meaning “goddess-like angel”
23. Vivaan – Meaning “full of life angel”
24. Saanvi – Meaning “goddess-like angel”
25. Aryan – Meaning “noble angel”
26. Amara – Meaning “eternal angel”
27. Advaita – Meaning “unique angel”
28. Vanya – Meaning “gracious angel”
29. Aryan – Meaning “noble angel”
30. Shreya – Meaning “beloved angel”


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Angel


1. Kira (キラ) – means “shining angel”
2. Hikari (光) – means “light”
3. Mei (メイ) – means “beautiful angel”
4. Tenshi (天使) – means “angel”
5. Sora (空) – means “sky”
6. Aoi (葵) – means “blue angel”
7. Yume (夢) – means “dream”
8. Akari (明かり) – means “bright light”
9. Haru (春) – means “spring”
10. Sakura (桜) – means “cherry blossom”
11. Michi (道) – means “path”
12. Nami (波) – means “wave”
13. Yuki (雪) – means “snow”
14. Hoshi (星) – means “star”
15. Aika (愛佳) – means “love and beauty”
16. Minori (実里) – means “beautiful truth”
17. Kaori (香) – means “fragrance”
18. Kohana (小花) – means “little flower”
19. Nazuna (薺) – means “shepherd’s purse”
20. Satsuki (皐月) – means “fifth month”
21. Mizuki (水木) – means “beautiful moon”
22. Kohaku (琥珀) – means “amber”
23. Amaya (天夜) – means “night rain”
24. Chika (千花) – means “thousand flowers”
25. Ryo (涼) – means “refreshing”
26. Asuka (明日香) – means “fragrance of tomorrow”
27. Yuzuki (柚月) – means “citron moon”
28. Rina (里奈) – means “village apple”
29. Hayato (隼人) – means “falcon person”
30. Nozomi (望) – means “hopeful”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Angel


1. Seraphina – meaning “burning one; angel”
2. Evangeline – meaning “bearer of good news; angel”
3. Angelos – meaning “messenger; angel”
4. Theophania – meaning “manifestation of God; angel”
5. Celestia – meaning “heavenly; angelic”
6. Thalia – meaning “to blossom; angel”
7. Elysia – meaning “blissful; angelic”
8. Callista – meaning “most beautiful; angel”
9. Phoebe – meaning “bright; angelic”
10. Calista – meaning “most beautiful; angelic”
11. Elara – meaning “bright and shining; angel”
12. Zephyrine – meaning “west wind; angelic”
13. Melaina – meaning “black; angel”
14. Astraea – meaning “star; angelic”
15. Nereus – meaning “sea nymph; angel”
16. Orpheus – meaning “darkness; angelic”
17. Iris – meaning “rainbow; angel”
18. Selene – meaning “moon; angelic”
19. Nyx – meaning “night; angel”
20. Clio – meaning “glory; angelic”
21. Thyra – meaning “wild; angel”
22. Eudora – meaning “good gift; angelic”
23. Astraia – meaning “starry night; angel”
24. Thalia – meaning “to flourish; angelic”
25. Electra – meaning “amber; angel”
26. Zephyra – meaning “west wind; angelic”
27. Chryssa – meaning “golden; angel”
28. Daphne – meaning “laurel tree; angelic”
29. Caelia – meaning “heavenly; angel”
30. Harmonia – meaning “unity; angelic”


150+ French Names That Mean Angel


1. Angele – meaning “angel” in French
2. Celeste – meaning “heavenly”
3. Seraphine – meaning “burning ones” (referring to angelic beings)
4. Evangeline – meaning “bearer of good news”
5. Angelique – meaning “angelic”
6. Etoile – meaning “star”
7. Aurore – meaning “dawn”
8. Ciel – meaning “sky”
9. Raphaelle – meaning “God has healed”
10. Gabriel – meaning “God is my strength”
11. Lumière – meaning “light”
12. Archange – meaning “archangel”
13. Azraelle – meaning “angel of death”
14. Amorette – meaning “little love”
15. Celestine – meaning “heavenly”
16. Angeline – meaning “angelic”
17. Elodie – meaning “foreign riches”
18. Seraphina – meaning “burning ones” (referring to angelic beings)
19. Evangeline – meaning “bearer of good news”
20. Angelina – meaning “angelic”
21. Solange – meaning “angel of the sun”
22. Seraphine – meaning “burning ones” (referring to angelic beings)
23. Evangeline – meaning “bearer of good news”
24. Celestia – meaning “heavenly”
25. Angeletta – meaning “little angel”
26. Seraphine – meaning “burning ones” (referring to angelic beings)
27. Gabrielle – meaning “God is my strength”
28. Celestine – meaning “heavenly”
29. Angeline – meaning “angelic”
30. Elara – meaning “shining”

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Angel


1. Malak (ملاك) – meaning “angel”
2. Malaika (ملائكة) – meaning “angels”
3. Jibreel (جبريل) – meaning “Gabriel”
4. Mikaeel (ميكائيل) – meaning “Michael”
5. Azrael (عزرائيل) – meaning “Azrael”
6. Ruh (روح) – meaning “spirit”
7. Nour (نور) – meaning “light”
8. Faris (فارس) – meaning “knight” or “horseman”
9. Zaki (زكي) – meaning “pure” or “innocent”
10. Sama (سماء) – meaning “sky” or “heaven”
11. Amani (أماني) – meaning “wishes” or “desires”
12. Jannah (جنة) – meaning “paradise”
13. Zoya (زويا) – meaning “alive” or “vibrant”
14. Dalal (دلال) – meaning “coquettish” or “charming”
15. Lamis (لميس) – meaning “soft to the touch” or “gentle”
16. Laila (ليلى) – meaning “night”
17. Yasmin (ياسمين) – meaning “jasmine”
18. Rayan (ريان) – meaning “gates of heaven”
19. Zara (زارا) – meaning “flower” or “blossom”
20. Asma (أسماء) – meaning “names” or “beautiful”
21. Aya (آية) – meaning “sign” or “miracle”
22. Samiya (سامية) – meaning “elevated” or “exalted”
23. Adil (عادل) – meaning “just” or “fair”
24. Jawad (جواد) – meaning “generous” or “noble”
25. Layth (ليث) – meaning “lion”
26. Saeed (سعيد) – meaning “happy” or “fortunate”
27. Karim (كريم) – meaning “generous” or “noble”
28. Amina (أمينة) – meaning “trustworthy” or “faithful”
29. Zainab (زينب) – meaning “beautiful” or “adorned”
30. Amira (أميرة) – meaning “princess” or “ruler”


In conclusion, the article has shed light on the significance of names that mean angel. Throughout history and across various cultures, names associated with angels have held a special place in society. These names carry a sense of purity, divine protection, and spiritual guidance.

The article explored the origins of angelic names, highlighting how they have been derived from different religious traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It also delved into the various meanings and interpretations associated with these names, emphasizing their connection to goodness, beauty, and celestial beings.

Furthermore, the article discussed the popularity of angelic names in contemporary society. Many parents are drawn to these names as they seek to bestow upon their children a sense of heavenly protection and positive attributes. The article also touched upon the influence of popular culture, where angelic names are often used for fictional characters in books, movies, and TV shows, further solidifying their appeal and recognition.

It is evident that names that mean angel have a timeless charm and hold a special appeal to individuals seeking to honor their spiritual beliefs or simply to bestow a sense of grace and beauty upon their children. These names are not only significant within religious contexts but also resonate with people from diverse backgrounds who appreciate their symbolic meaning.

In summary, the article has explored the rich history, symbolism, and contemporary relevance of names that mean angel. Whether chosen for personal beliefs, cultural significance, or aesthetic appeal, these names continue to captivate individuals and hold a special place in our society as they evoke a sense of celestial beauty, purity, and divine protection.

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