150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Black

In a world where names hold significant cultural, historical, and personal value, it is no surprise that individuals seek names that carry deep meanings. When it comes to choosing a name, many people are drawn to ones that represent qualities they admire, resonate with their heritage, or simply sound pleasing to their ears. One such intriguing theme that has gained popularity is names that mean black.

The color black has been associated with various meanings across different cultures and societies. While it may symbolize darkness and mystery, it can also stand for power, elegance, and strength. Names that mean black not only embody these qualities but also pay tribute to the rich diversity of global naming traditions.

From African origins to European influences, there are numerous names that beautifully encapsulate the essence of blackness. Whether it is a unisex name like Blake, meaning “black or dark,” or a feminine name like Melanthe, derived from the Greek word for “black flower,” these names carry an air of mystique and elegance.

Names that mean black are not limited to any specific gender or ethnicity. They provide a unique opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to embrace the beauty and significance of this captivating color. Whether you are expecting a baby, searching for a character name for your novel, or simply exploring the richness of different cultures, this article will delve into a diverse collection of names that mean black, highlighting their origins, meanings, and cultural significance.

Embark on a journey through cultures and languages as we uncover the enchanting world of names that celebrate the beauty of blackness. Discover how these names can add depth and meaning to your life or creative endeavors, honoring the timeless allure of the color black.


150+ American Names That Mean Black


1. Ebony
2. Jet
3. Onyx
4. Sable
5. Coal
6. Raven
7. Shadow
8. Midnight
9. Obsidian
10. Ink
11. Charcoal
12. Ember
13. Storm
14. Ash
15. Thunder
16. Dusk
17. Eclipse
18. Noir
19. Cinders
20. Velvet
21. Cinder
22. Slate
23. Smoky
24. Graphite
25. Carbon
26. Indigo
27. Mulberry
28. Berry
29. Nightshade
30. Tarmac


150+ Indian Names That Mean Black


1. Kali (Goddess of Destruction)
2. Krishna (Dark-skinned Lord)
3. Kaalindi (Dark river)
4. Kala (Darkness)
5. Shyama (Dark beauty)
6. Karuka (Dark complexion)
7. Nila (Dark blue)
8. Shyamak (Black-eyed)
9. Shyamali (Black beauty)
10. Kaliya (Black serpent)
11. Dhara (Earth; black)
12. Kallol (Sound of waves; black)
13. Nisha (Night; blackness)
14. Kalpana (Imagination; black)
15. Kaliyan (Black cloud)
16. Kaalika (Dark goddess)
17. Aparna (Leafless; dark)
18. Kajal (Kohl; black eyeliner)
19. Kritika (Dark star)
20. Kaavya (Poem; black)
21. Kaliyah (Black beauty)
22. Karthika (Blackness of the eyes)
23. Nishita (Night; blackness)
24. Karmi (Dark-skinned)
25. Kalaratri (Goddess of the night)
26. Kallan (Black)
27. Kavisha (Black poetess)
28. Kaashvi (Shining black)
29. Kaliyan (Black deer)
30. Kaalini (Dark-haired)


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Black


1. Kuro – This is a gender-neutral name meaning “black.”
2. Kōgetsu – A name for boys meaning “black moon.”
3. Kuronami – A feminine name meaning “black wave.”
4. Kokoro – This gender-neutral name means “black heart.”
5. Kurayami – A masculine name meaning “black darkness.”
6. Kuroneko – A cute name for girls meaning “black cat.”
7. Kokutan – A strong name for boys meaning “black iron.”
8. Kurogane – This masculine name means “black steel.”
9. Yami – A gender-neutral name meaning “black darkness.”
10. Kuroishi – A unique name for girls meaning “black stone.”
11. Kurotora – A strong name for boys meaning “black tiger.”
12. Kuroroku – A unisex name meaning “black deer.”
13. Koketsu – A name for boys meaning “black blood.”
14. Kuroudo – This masculine name means “black hero.”
15. Kurohana – A feminine name meaning “black flower.”
16. Kurogami – A gender-neutral name meaning “black hair.”
17. Kurokumo – A unique name for boys meaning “black cloud.”
18. Kuroniko – A cute name for girls meaning “black child.”
19. Kokumotsu – A name for boys meaning “black wood.”
20. Kuronomi – A feminine name meaning “black fruit.”
21. Kurotane – A gender-neutral name meaning “black seed.”
22. Yūkoku – A name for boys meaning “black country.”
23. Kuroishi – A unisex name meaning “black stone.”
24. Kurohane – A feminine name meaning “black feather.”
25. Kokuyū – A gender-neutral name meaning “black courage.”
26. Kuroyuki – A unique name for boys meaning “black snow.”
27. Kuronamida – A feminine name meaning “black tears.”
28. Kurogaze – A gender-neutral name meaning “black gaze.”
29. Kokumori – A masculine name meaning “black forest.”
30. Kuronobara – A feminine name meaning “black rose.”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Black


1. Melaina – meaning “blackness”
2. Kyan – meaning “dark-haired”
3. Ebon – meaning “black gem”
4. Nox – meaning “night”
5. Zephyros – meaning “darkness of the west wind”
6. Kora – meaning “maiden of darkness”
7. Acheron – meaning “river of woe”
8. Melantha – meaning “dark flower”
9. Moros – meaning “doom”
10. Nereus – meaning “black water”
11. Hades – meaning “the unseen”
12. Nyx – meaning “night”
13. Charon – meaning “fierce brightness”
14. Zephyrine – meaning “dark west wind”
15. Drakon – meaning “dragon”
16. Cepheus – meaning “darkness”
17. Styx – meaning “hateful”
18. Mavros – meaning “black”
19. Erebus – meaning “darkness”
20. Althea – meaning “healing power of darkness”
21. Persephone – meaning “bringer of destruction”
22. Zeno – meaning “darkness of life”
23. Kalon – meaning “beautiful darkness”
24. Kiera – meaning “black-haired”
25. Charis – meaning “graceful darkness”
26. Lethe – meaning “oblivion”
27. Morpheus – meaning “shape-shifter”
28. Xylos – meaning “dark forest”
29. Thana – meaning “death”
30. Phoebe – meaning “bright darkness”


150+ French Names That Mean Black


1. Noire – meaning “black” in French
2. Raven – a bird associated with the color black
3. Sable – a type of fur, also meaning “black” in French
4. Ebon – an elegant and unique name meaning “black”
5. Charbon – meaning “charcoal” in French
6. Obsidienne – French for “obsidian,” a black volcanic glass
7. Noiraud – a cute and playful name meaning “little black one”
8. Ébène – French for “ebony,” a dense black wood
9. Ténébreux – meaning “dark” or “shadowy” in French
10. Fumée – French for “smoke,” a dark and mysterious name
11. Onyx – a black gemstone associated with strength and protection
12. Mélina – meaning “dark” or “black” in Greek, a unique name for a girl
13. Nuit – French for “night,” a dark and enchanting name
14. Ténébrion – a fancy and exotic name meaning “black” in French
15. Ombrage – meaning “shade” or “shadow” in French
16. Cendre – French for “ash,” a poetic name with a hint of darkness
17. Nyx – inspired by the Greek goddess of night, a powerful and mystical name
18. Ébène-rose – a combination of “ebony” and “rose,” a beautiful and contrasting name
19. Vesper – meaning “evening star” in Latin, a name associated with darkness and mystery
20. Charbonnelle – a feminine name meaning “black” or “charcoal”
21. Noces – French for “blackberry,” a sweet and unique name for a girl
22. Carbone – meaning “carbon” in French, a modern and edgy name
23. Umbre – a French word meaning “shade” or “shadow”
24. Obscure – a name meaning “obscure” or “unknown” in French
25. Éclipse – French for “eclipse,” a celestial and captivating name
26. Brume – meaning “mist” or “fog” in French, a name with a touch of mystery
27. Nuit noire – meaning “black night” in French, a poetic and evocative name
28. Charbonnier – meaning “coal miner” in French, a strong and distinctive name
29. Styx – inspired by the mythical river Styx, associated with the underworld and darkness
30. Ébonie – a feminine variation of “ebony,” a sophisticated and elegant name

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Black


1. Zahir (زاهر) – Meaning “bright” or “shining”
2. Aasim (عاصم) – Meaning “protector” or “defender”
3. Khalid (خالد) – Meaning “eternal” or “immortal”
4. Layla (ليلى) – Meaning “night” or “dark beauty”
5. Azraq (أزرق) – Meaning “blue” or “azure”
6. Nadira (نادرة) – Meaning “rare” or “precious”
7. Zara (زارا) – Meaning “blossom” or “flower”
8. Qamar (قمر) – Meaning “moon” or “lunar”
9. Safwan (صفوان) – Meaning “rock” or “unmovable”
10. Tariq (طارق) – Meaning “morning star” or “bright”
11. Amira (أميرة) – Meaning “princess” or “ruler”
12. Hadiya (هادية) – Meaning “guide” or “leader”
13. Samir (سمير) – Meaning “companion” or “friend”
14. Noura (نورة) – Meaning “light” or “illuminating”
15. Malik (مالك) – Meaning “king” or “ruler”
16. Zaynab (زينب) – Meaning “fragrant flower” or “beautiful”
17. Aziz (عزيز) – Meaning “dear” or “beloved”
18. Yasmin (ياسمين) – Meaning “jasmine” or “fragrant flower”
19. Aseel (أصيل) – Meaning “noble” or “pure”
20. Saif (سيف) – Meaning “sword” or “blade”
21. Zahra (زهراء) – Meaning “radiant” or “blooming”
22. Jamal (جمال) – Meaning “beauty” or “handsome”
23. Aya (آية) – Meaning “miracle” or “sign”
24. Hisham (هشام) – Meaning “generous” or “benevolent”
25. Rania (رانيا) – Meaning “queen” or “sovereign”
26. Kareem (كريم) – Meaning “generous” or “noble”
27. Salma (سلمى) – Meaning “safe” or “sound”
28. Jafar (جعفر) – Meaning “stream” or “river”
29. Yusra (يسرى) – Meaning “prosperity” or “ease”
30. Rafiq (رفيق) – Meaning “companion” or “friend”


In conclusion, the concept of names that mean black holds a significant cultural and historical significance. Throughout the years, different cultures have developed unique names that symbolize the color black, often embodying various meanings, characteristics, and associations. These names not only reflect the diverse linguistic heritage but also offer a glimpse into the significance of blackness in different societies.

Exploring names that mean black allows us to appreciate the rich tapestry of human history and the ways in which different cultures have assigned meaning to colors. From the powerful and majestic connotations of names like Nero or Kali, to the subtle and mysterious implications of names like Ciara or Melantha, these names provide insight into the many facets of blackness.

Furthermore, the popularity of names that mean black can also be seen as a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. As societies become more globalized, people are increasingly embracing names from different cultures, including those that embody the color black. This not only promotes cultural understanding and appreciation but also highlights the beauty of diversity.

However, it is important to approach the topic of names that mean black with sensitivity and respect. While these names can be intriguing and captivating, it is crucial to remember that they are deeply rooted in specific cultural contexts. Appropriation or misuse of these names can be disrespectful and undermine the cultural significance they hold.

In conclusion, exploring names that mean black offers a fascinating insight into the diverse ways in which different cultures perceive and assign meaning to the color black. By embracing and appreciating these names, we can foster a greater understanding and celebration of cultural diversity in our increasingly interconnected world.

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