150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Blue

Are you expecting a baby boy and searching for the perfect name that reflects the tranquil and serene hue of the sky or ocean? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a delightful compilation of names that mean blue, a color symbolizing loyalty, wisdom, and peace.

Blue is a captivating color that has always held a special place in our hearts. It is a hue that evokes a sense of calmness and tranquility, reminding us of the vastness of the sky and the depth of the ocean. Naming your little bundle of joy with a name associated with this magnificent color not only adds a touch of uniqueness but also carries a significant meaning.

In various cultures and languages around the world, there are beautiful names that directly translate to blue. These names capture the essence of the color and its various interpretations. From timeless classics to contemporary choices, there is a wide range of options to choose from when selecting a name that embodies the beauty of blue.

Whether you prefer names rooted in ancient mythology, names inspired by nature, or names originating from different countries, this article aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of names that mean blue. Each name has its own distinct origin and connotation, allowing you to find the perfect name that resonates with your personal preferences and cultural background.

Join us as we embark on this enchanting journey to discover a collection of delightful names that mean blue, ensuring your baby boy’s name will be as extraordinary as the color itself.


150+ American Names That Mean Blue


1. Cobalt
2. Azure
3. Indigo
4. Skye
5. Cyan
6. Navy
7. Lapis
8. Teal
9. Celeste
10. Aquamarine
11. Denim
12. Sapphira
13. Bluebell
14. Cerulean
15. Cornflower
16. Adriatic
17. Azzurra
18. Ocean
19. Turquoise
20. Cobaltine
21. Bluejay
22. Midnight
23. Bluette
24. Periwinkle
25. Bluebird
26. Blueberry
27. Cyanne
28. Sapphire
29. Zaffre
30. Arianwen (Welsh name meaning “silver” or “white” associated with blue)


150+ Indian Names That Mean Blue


1. Neelam – The Hindi word for blue
2. Indigo – Derived from the blue dye plant
3. Nila – Sanskrit name meaning “sapphire blue”
4. Aakash – Hindi name meaning “sky blue”
5. Varun – Means “lord of the sea” and is associated with the color blue
6. Nilaya – Sanskrit name meaning “abode of the blue”
7. Asmani – Hindi name meaning “sky blue”
8. Naviya – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “new” and associated with the color blue
9. Indrani – Feminine form of Indra, the Hindu god associated with the color blue
10. Nilabh – Hindi name meaning “blue-colored”
11. Neelanjana – Sanskrit name meaning “blue-eyed”
12. Aabha – Hindi name meaning “shine” or “luster,” often associated with the color blue
13. Nilima – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “blue”
14. Aruna – Hindi name meaning “dawn,” often associated with a pale blue color
15. Neelaiah – Combination of the Hebrew name Neel and the suffix “iah,” meaning “blue sky”
16. Nilavathi – Tamil name meaning “possessing the color blue”
17. Indraneel – Combination of Indra (god of the sky) and Neel (blue)
18. Anila – Sanskrit name meaning “wind,” often associated with the color blue
19. Neeladri – Hindi name meaning “blue mountain”
20. Neelima – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “blue,” often associated with a dark shade of blue
21. Harihar – Combination of the Hindu gods Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva), often associated with the color blue
22. Nilashri – Combination of Nil (blue) and Shri (beauty), meaning “beautiful blue”
23. Neelkamal – Hindi name meaning “blue lotus”
24. Neelratan – Combination of Neel (blue) and Ratan (jewel), meaning “blue jewel”
25. Aasmani – Derived from the Hindi word for “sky blue”
26. Neelina – Feminine form of Neel, meaning “blue”
27. Nilotpala – Sanskrit name meaning “blue lotus”
28. Indraneela – Combination of Indra (god of the sky) and Neela (blue)
29. Neelabja – Hindi name meaning “blue lotus”
30. Nilakshi – Sanskrit name meaning “blue-eyed”


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Blue


1. Aoi (葵) – Means “blue” or “hollyhock”
2. Mizuki (美月) – Means “beautiful moon”
3. Sora (空) – Means “sky” or “heaven”
4. Asahi (旭) – Means “morning sun”
5. Ayame (菖蒲) – Means “iris” or “sweet flag”
6. Haruka (遥) – Means “distant” or “far away”
7. Ruri (瑠璃) – Means “lapis lazuli”
8. Kaiyo (海洋) – Means “ocean”
9. Hikari (光) – Means “light”
10. Shizuka (静) – Means “quiet” or “calm”
11. Aoibhinn (葵美) – Means “beautiful blue”
12. Kairi (海里) – Means “sea village”
13. Natsuki (夏希) – Means “summer hope”
14. Mio (美央) – Means “beautiful center”
15. Rina (莉奈) – Means “jasmine” or “little jasmine”
16. Aozora (青空) – Means “blue sky”
17. Akira (明) – Means “bright” or “clear”
18. Asumi (明日海) – Means “tomorrow’s ocean”
19. Kogane (黄金) – Means “golden”
20. Sui (水) – Means “water”
21. Reiko (麗子) – Means “beautiful child”
22. Megumi (恵) – Means “blessing”
23. Amaya (雨夜) – Means “night rain”
24. Ran (蘭) – Means “orchid”
25. Mizuho (瑞穂) – Means “abundant grain”
26. Ayumi (歩美) – Means “walking in beauty”
27. Midori (緑) – Means “green”
28. Aya (彩) – Means “colorful”
29. Nagisa (渚) – Means “beach” or “shore”
30. Yuki (雪) – Means “snow”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Blue


1. Cyan – meaning “deep blue color”
2. Azure – meaning “bright blue”
3. Indigo – meaning “deep blue-purple”
4. Cobalt – meaning “dark deep blue”
5. Celeste – meaning “heavenly blue”
6. Lapis – meaning “blue stone”
7. Sapphire – meaning “precious blue gem”
8. Teal – meaning “blue-green”
9. Periwinkle – meaning “light purplish-blue”
10. Aegea – inspired by the Aegean Sea’s blue color
11. Kyanos – derived from the Greek word for “blue”
12. Cerulean – meaning “sky blue”
13. Marina – meaning “from the sea”
14. Nereus – inspired by the Greek god of the sea
15. Poseidon – meaning “god of the sea”
16. Triton – inspired by the Greek god of the sea
17. Pelagia – meaning “of the sea”
18. Thalassa – meaning “the sea”
19. Zephyr – meaning “west wind” associated with the color blue
20. Eirene – meaning “peace” and associated with the blue peace symbol
21. Iris – inspired by the Greek goddess of the rainbow (with blue hues)
22. Oceanus – inspired by the Greek god of the ocean
23. Cressida – meaning “gold” and associated with blue sapphires
24. Thetis – inspired by the Greek goddess of water
25. Tritonia – meaning “daughter of Triton,” associated with the sea
26. Anemone – inspired by the colorful sea anemones
27. Calypso – inspired by the nymph in Greek mythology with blue hues
28. Nausicaa – meaning “burner of ships” and associated with the blue sea
29. Nerissa – meaning “from the sea” and associated with blue shades
30. Oceana – meaning “ocean” and associated with the color blue


150+ French Names That Mean Blue


1. Azurine – meaning “sky blue”
2. Céleste – meaning “heavenly blue”
3. Lapis – meaning “deep blue stone”
4. Indigo – meaning “deep blue color”
5. Cyan – meaning “blue-green color”
6. Marine – meaning “sea blue”
7. Cobalt – referring to the intense blue color
8. Azure – meaning “bright blue”
9. Bleuette – meaning “little blue”
10. Aquila – meaning “blue eagle”
11. Cerulean – meaning “sky blue”
12. Sapphire – referring to the precious blue gemstone
13. Oceanne – meaning “blue ocean”
14. Lavande – meaning “lavender blue”
15. Lazuli – referring to the blue gemstone lapis lazuli
16. Azura – meaning “blue sky”
17. Turquoise – referring to the blue-green gemstone
18. Azzurra – meaning “light blue”
19. Periwinkle – referring to the pale purple-blue flower
20. Cobaltine – meaning “blue color”
21. Skyler – meaning “blue sky”
22. Bluebell – referring to the blue flower
23. Cerulette – meaning “little sky blue”
24. Zaffre – referring to a deep blue pigment
25. Marinière – meaning “sailor’s blue and white stripes”
26. Lilas – meaning “pale blue”
27. Azulejo – referring to the traditional blue and white Portuguese tilework
28. Léon – meaning “blue lion”
29. Cian – meaning “blue-green color”
30. Cyane – meaning “deep blue color”

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Blue


1. Azraq (أزرق) – meaning “blue”
2. Lulu (لولو) – meaning “pearl” or “blue”
3. Samara (سمراء) – meaning “blue sky”
4. Anees (أنيس) – meaning “friendly blue”
5. Nayel (نايل) – meaning “blue water”
6. Banafsaj (بنفسج) – meaning “violet blue”
7. Firas (فراس) – meaning “blue fire”
8. Zayn (زين) – meaning “beautiful blue”
9. Rasha (رشا) – meaning “blue lightning”
10. Ghalya (غالية) – meaning “precious blue”
11. Aazil (عازل) – meaning “blue sky”
12. Zahir (ظاهر) – meaning “clear blue”
13. Joud (جود) – meaning “generous blue”
14. Amani (آماني) – meaning “blue wishes”
15. Arwa (أروى) – meaning “blue mountain”
16. Layan (ليان) – meaning “soft blue”
17. Rabiya (ربيعة) – meaning “blue spring”
18. Baraa (براءة) – meaning “pure blue”
19. Zahra (زهرة) – meaning “blue flower”
20. Hadiya (هدية) – meaning “blue gift”
21. Aariz (آرز) – meaning “blue sky”
22. Saif (سيف) – meaning “blue sword”
23. Layla (ليلى) – meaning “dark blue”
24. Dalia (دالية) – meaning “blue branch”
25. Hamsa (حمصة) – meaning “blue pigeon”
26. Karam (كرم) – meaning “blue generosity”
27. Nada (ندى) – meaning “blue dew”
28. Yasmeen (ياسمين) – meaning “blue jasmine”
29. Zayna (زينة) – meaning “blue beauty”
30. Rania (رانية) – meaning “blue queen”


In conclusion, names that mean blue hold a significant place in various cultures and have become increasingly popular choices for parents around the world. These names not only evoke a sense of calmness and serenity but also carry deep symbolic meanings, representing loyalty, stability, and trustworthiness.

Exploring different blue-inspired names from different origins, we can see how diverse cultures have incorporated the color blue into their naming traditions. From the Spanish Azul to the Arabic Laila, these names offer a unique and distinctive touch to a child’s identity.

Furthermore, the rising popularity of names that mean blue can be attributed to the growing appreciation for nature and its soothing elements. Blue is often associated with the sky and the sea, reminding us of vastness, tranquility, and openness. As parents seek to instill these qualities in their children, they are drawn to names that reflect these characteristics.

It is worth noting that the choice of a name is deeply personal and subjective. While some parents may find solace in the meaning behind names that mean blue, others may opt for different attributes or simply be attracted to the sound or cultural significance of a name. Ultimately, the decision rests with the parents and their desire to find a name that resonates with their values and aspirations for their child.

In conclusion, names that mean blue offer a unique and meaningful option for parents looking for a name that embodies calmness, stability, and loyalty. Whether chosen for its symbolic significance or aesthetic appeal, these names hold a special place in the hearts of many parents seeking to bestow a beautiful and significant name upon their child.

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