150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Gift From God

In the realm of naming a child, parents often seek names that hold significant meanings and reflect their hopes and aspirations for their little ones. One such popular theme is names that mean ‘gift from God.’ These names carry a profound sense of gratitude and reverence, symbolizing the belief that children are a precious blessing bestowed upon us.

Choosing a name that means ‘gift from God’ not only reflects the spiritual or religious beliefs of the parents but also serves as a constant reminder of the miracle and joy their child brings into their lives. These names can be found in various cultures, religions, and languages, each with its unique charm and significance.

From the biblical origins to diverse cultural traditions, there is a plethora of options available for parents seeking a name that encapsulates the idea of divine blessing. Names like Matthew, Jonathan, and Theodore have biblical roots, while the Arabic name Amara and the Indian name Ishan represent the concept of a precious gift in different cultures.

The beauty of names that mean ‘gift from God’ lies not only in their profound meaning but also in their melodic sound and timeless appeal. Whether you prefer traditional, classic names or more contemporary and unique choices, there is a name that perfectly embodies the sentiment of gratitude and divine blessing.

In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of names that mean ‘gift from God’ from various cultural backgrounds, delving into their meanings, origins, and cultural significance. So, if you are expecting a little one and wish to bestow upon them a name that carries a deep symbolic meaning, join us as we embark on this fascinating journey of names that celebrate the precious gift of life.


150+ American Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Zephyr – This unique name means “gift from God” and has Greek origins.
2. Evangeline – A beautiful name of French origin meaning “bearer of good news.”
3. Theophilus – A strong and rare name of Greek origin meaning “loved by God.”
4. Dorothea – A classic name meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
5. Nathaniel – A biblical name meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
6. Amara – A lovely name of Igbo origin meaning “grace of God.”
7. Celeste – A celestial name meaning “heavenly” and symbolizing a divine gift.
8. Jonathan – A timeless Hebrew name meaning “gift of Jehovah.”
9. Aaliyah – A beautiful Arabic name meaning “exalted, noble” and seen as a gift from God.
10. Matilda – A strong and literary name meaning “strength in battle” and a gift from God.
11. Jesse – A biblical name meaning “gift” or “wealth.”
12. Beatrice – A sophisticated name meaning “she who brings happiness” and a gift from God.
13. Gabriel – A biblical name meaning “God is my strength” and a symbol of God’s gift.
14. Isadora – A unique name meaning “gift of Isis” and symbolizing divine blessings.
15. Matthew – A popular biblical name meaning “gift of God.”
16. Felicity – A joyful and unique name meaning “happiness” and a gift from God.
17. Ezekiel – A Hebrew name meaning “God strengthens” and a reminder of God’s gift.
18. Amos – A biblical name meaning “carried by God” and signifying a divine gift.
19. Dalia – A beautiful name meaning “God has drawn water” and symbolizing a precious gift.
20. Simeon – A biblical name meaning “one who hears” and a gift from God.
21. Serena – A serene and elegant name meaning “peaceful” and a divine gift.
22. Emmanuel – A meaningful biblical name meaning “God is with us” and a gift from Him.
23. Allegra – A joyful and musical name meaning “joyful” and a precious gift from God.
24. Solomon – A wise biblical name meaning “peace” and a gift from God.
25. Jemima – A unique biblical name meaning “dove” and symbolizing a heavenly gift.
26. Raphael – A powerful name meaning “God has healed” and a divine gift.
27. Theodora – A strong and elegant name meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
28. Asher – A biblical name meaning “fortunate, blessed” and a gift from God.
29. Isidore – A unique name meaning “gift of Isis” and a symbol of divine blessings.
30. Abigail – A timeless biblical name meaning “father’s joy” and a gift from God.


150+ Indian Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Ishita – meaning ‘a gift from God’
2. Varsha – meaning ‘gift of rain’
3. Devansh – meaning ‘part of God’
4. Anaya – meaning ‘caring gift’
5. Ayaan – meaning ‘God’s gift’
6. Ishanvi – meaning ‘blessing of God’
7. Prisha – meaning ‘gift of God’
8. Neel – meaning ‘blue, a precious gift’
9. Advaita – meaning ‘unique gift’
10. Vivaan – meaning ‘God’s gift’
11. Anika – meaning ‘graceful gift’
12. Arnav – meaning ‘ocean, a divine gift’
13. Advika – meaning ‘unique gift of God’
14. Reyansh – meaning ‘part of God’
15. Nandini – meaning ‘daughter, a divine gift’
16. Aarav – meaning ‘peaceful and intelligent gift’
17. Aarna – meaning ‘Goddess Lakshmi, a precious gift’
18. Akshara – meaning ‘sacred gift’
19. Anshika – meaning ‘part of God’
20. Divya – meaning ‘divine gift’
21. Harsha – meaning ‘happiness, a gift from God’
22. Nitya – meaning ‘eternal gift’
23. Esha – meaning ‘blessing, divine gift’
24. Kavya – meaning ‘poetry, a precious gift’
25. Shivansh – meaning ‘part of Lord Shiva’
26. Saanvi – meaning ‘one who is surrounded by Gods, a divine gift’
27. Rishika – meaning ‘saintly, a gift from God’
28. Vihaan – meaning ‘dawn, a new beginning, God’s gift’
29. Anvika – meaning ‘powerful and beautiful gift of God’
30. Vanshika – meaning ‘lineage, a divine gift’


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Aiko (愛子) – means “child of love”
2. Akira (明) – means “bright” or “clear”
3. Ayumi (歩美) – means “beautiful walk”
4. Chie (智恵) – means “wisdom” or “intellect”
5. Eiji (栄二) – means “prosperous second-born”
6. Emiko (笑子) – means “smiling child”
7. Haruki (春樹) – means “spring tree”
8. Hikari (光) – means “light”
9. Hiroshi (寛) – means “generous” or “tolerant”
10. Isamu (勇) – means “courageous”
11. Kazuki (一希) – means “one wish”
12. Kiyomi (清美) – means “pure beauty”
13. Makoto (誠) – means “sincerity” or “truth”
14. Michiyo (美智代) – means “beautiful wisdom generation”
15. Naoki (直樹) – means “honest tree”
16. Nori (法) – means “law” or “order”
17. Rei (麗) – means “lovely” or “beautiful”
18. Rina (莉奈) – means “jasmine”
19. Sachi (幸) – means “happiness” or “blessing”
20. Takumi (工) – means “artisan” or “skilled”
21. Tsubaki (椿) – means “camellia flower”
22. Yua (結愛) – means “binding love”
23. Yuki (雪) – means “snow”
24. Yumiko (由美子) – means “beautiful reason”
25. Zenjiro (善次郎) – means “virtuous second-born”
26. Atsuko (敦子) – means “kind child”
27. Chikako (千佳子) – means “thousand beautiful child”
28. Daiki (大輝) – means “great radiance”
29. Fumiko (文子) – means “child of literature”
30. Hana (花) – means “flower”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Theodora (Greek, feminine) – “God’s gift”
2. Dorothea (Greek, feminine) – “gift of God”
3. Zephyr (Greek, gender-neutral) – “gift of the west wind”
4. Eudora (Greek, feminine) – “good gift”
5. Apollo (Greek, masculine) – “gift from Apollo, the Greek god of music and arts”
6. Charis (Greek, feminine) – “grace, gift”
7. Kyrios (Greek, masculine) – “gift of the Lord”
8. Pandora (Greek, feminine) – “all-gifted”
9. Eumelia (Greek, feminine) – “melody of gifts”
10. Theophilus (Greek, masculine) – “lover of God, friend of God”
11. Makarios (Greek, masculine) – “blessed, happy, gift of God”
12. Athena (Greek, feminine) – “gift of wisdom from the goddess Athena”
13. Epiphania (Greek, feminine) – “manifestation of God’s gift”
14. Timotheus (Greek, masculine) – “honoring God, honoring gifts”
15. Eudoxia (Greek, feminine) – “good opinion, good gift”
16. Chariton (Greek, masculine) – “gracious gift”
17. Eleutheria (Greek, feminine) – “freedom, gift of freedom”
18. Soterios (Greek, masculine) – “savior, gift of salvation”
19. Chrysanthe (Greek, feminine) – “golden flower, gift of gold”
20. Euphemia (Greek, feminine) – “good fame, good gift”
21. Kyriake (Greek, feminine) – “belonging to the Lord, gift of the Lord”
22. Agathos (Greek, masculine) – “good, gift of goodness”
23. Charilaos (Greek, masculine) – “gracious gift of the people”
24. Eucharis (Greek, feminine) – “grace, gift of gratitude”
25. Philotheos (Greek, masculine) – “lover of God, friend of God’s gift”
26. Eustathios (Greek, masculine) – “steadfast, gift of stability”
27. Kallisto (Greek, feminine) – “most beautiful, gift of beauty”
28. Stephanos (Greek, masculine) – “crown, gift of honor”
29. Agape (Greek, feminine) – “unconditional love, gift of love”
30. Petros (Greek, masculine) – “rock, gift of strength”


150+ French Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Céleste – meaning “heavenly”
2. Ange – meaning “angel”
3. Aveline – meaning “gift from God”
4. Bénédicte – meaning “blessed”
5. Mirabelle – meaning “wonderful”
6. Théophile – meaning “loved by God”
7. Elodie – meaning “gift of God”
8. Léonie – meaning “lioness of God”
9. Trésor – meaning “treasure”
10. Amorette – meaning “little love”
11. Évangeline – meaning “bearer of good news”
12. Fleur – meaning “flower”
13. Esme – meaning “beloved”
14. Anatole – meaning “rising sun”
15. Soleil – meaning “sun”
16. Seraphine – meaning “burning one”
17. Zephyrine – meaning “west wind”
18. Raphaëlle – meaning “healed by God”
19. Mireille – meaning “miracle”
20. Clémentine – meaning “merciful”
21. Elara – meaning “sparkling”
22. Amélie – meaning “hardworking”
23. Odette – meaning “wealthy”
24. Amadeus – meaning “lover of God”
25. Giselle – meaning “pledge”
26. Vivienne – meaning “full of life”
27. Azariah – meaning “helped by God”
28. Amoret – meaning “little love”
29. Celestine – meaning “heavenly”
30. Nolwenn – meaning “holy one”

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Gift From God


1. Ziyad – means “gift of God”
2. Aminah – means “trustworthy; faithful gift from God”
3. Karim – means “generous; noble gift from God”
4. Nabil – means “noble; gifted by God”
5. Layth – means “lion; God’s gift”
6. Yusra – means “prosperity; God’s gift”
7. Rida – means “contentment; God’s gift”
8. Dalia – means “gentle; God’s gift”
9. Samir – means “entertaining companion; God’s gift”
10. Nadim – means “companion; God’s gift”
11. Ghadir – means “abundance; God’s gift”
12. Farah – means “joy; God’s gift”
13. Maya – means “water; God’s gift”
14. Hadiya – means “gift; guide from God”
15. Iman – means “faith; blessing from God”
16. Rafiq – means “friend; God’s gift”
17. Amal – means “hope; God’s gift”
18. Zara – means “radiant; God’s gift”
19. Hana – means “bliss; God’s gift”
20. Jihan – means “paradise; God’s gift”
21. Rayan – means “watered; God’s gift”
22. Tariq – means “morning star; God’s gift”
23. Nasim – means “gentle breeze; God’s gift”
24. Nour – means “light; God’s gift”
25. Maha – means “wild cow; God’s gift”
26. Kamal – means “perfection; God’s gift”
27. Sana – means “brilliance; God’s gift”
28. Rami – means “loving; God’s gift”
29. Fida – means “sacrifice; God’s gift”
30. Zain – means “beauty; God’s gift”


In conclusion, names that mean “gift from God” hold a significant place in various cultures and religions, carrying a profound symbolism and meaning. These names not only reflect the belief in a higher power but also convey gratitude and appreciation for the preciousness of life itself.

Throughout history, parents have chosen names that embody the idea of a divine blessing or gift, hoping to bestow upon their children a sense of purpose and strength. These names serve as a reminder of the miracles and wonders that can occur in our lives, instilling a sense of faith and optimism.

Furthermore, names that mean “gift from God” can be a source of inspiration and motivation for both the individual bearing the name and those around them. They can serve as a constant reminder to embrace the blessings in life, and to recognize the inherent goodness and beauty that exists in the world.

Moreover, these names can also foster a sense of interconnectedness and unity among individuals, as they share in the belief of a higher power and the idea that all life is a precious gift. In this way, these names can act as a unifying force, promoting a sense of compassion, empathy, and mutual respect among diverse cultures and religions.

In conclusion, names that mean “gift from God” carry a profound significance and can serve as a powerful reminder of the blessings and wonders of life. Whether chosen for personal or cultural reasons, these names hold a special place in the hearts of individuals and communities, symbolizing gratitude, faith, and the inherent goodness of the world.

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