150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean King

In the vast realm of baby names, few hold as much regal significance as those that mean “king.” Throughout history, kings have symbolized power, authority, and leadership, making names associated with royalty a popular choice for parents who want to bestow a sense of grandeur upon their children. Whether you are seeking a name that exudes strength and majesty or simply want to pay homage to the historical figures who shaped our world, names that mean king offer a rich tapestry of options.

From ancient civilizations to modern times, various cultures have embraced the concept of kingship, resulting in a diverse array of names that carry royal connotations. In the ancient Egyptian kingdom, names like Ramses and Tutankhamun held immense significance, representing the rulers who governed the land of pharaohs. Similarly, the monarchs of England have left an indelible mark on history, with names like Henry, William, and Edward continuing to resonate with a sense of royal authority.

Beyond the traditional Western names, other cultures have bestowed their own unique spin on names that mean king. In African cultures, names like Malik and Mufasa pay tribute to the revered leaders who governed their tribes. In the realm of literature and fantasy, names like Arthur and Oberon evoke a sense of mythical kingship, transporting us to the realms of Camelot or the enchanted forests.

Whether you are drawn to the historical significance, the symbolism, or simply the regal aura these names carry, choosing a name that means king is an opportunity to bestow upon your child a noble legacy. In this article, we will explore a wide range of names from various cultures that embody the essence of kingship, offering you a wealth of options to consider when naming your little prince or princess.


150+ American Names That Mean King


1. Reagan – meaning “little king”
2. Kyler – meaning “warrior king”
3. Landon – meaning “long hill” or “king’s hill”
4. Sterling – meaning “little star” or “little king”
5. Kendrick – meaning “royal ruler”
6. Tiberius – meaning “like the Tiber River” (associated with Roman emperors)
7. Rylan – meaning “little king”
8. Armani – meaning “king of soldiers”
9. Sullivan – meaning “dark-eyed king” or “little dark prince”
10. Malik – meaning “king” or “sovereign”
11. Zephyr – meaning “west wind” (associated with Greek god of the west wind)
12. Caspian – meaning “of the Caspian Sea” (associated with kingship)
13. Oberon – meaning “noble bear” (associated with the fairy king in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
14. Orion – meaning “rising in the sky” or “hunter” (associated with a mythological Greek hunter)
15. Leander – meaning “lion-man” or “man like a lion” (associated with Greek mythology)
16. Magnus – meaning “great” or “mighty”
17. Xerxes – meaning “ruler over heroes” (associated with Persian kings)
18. Evander – meaning “good man” or “man of valor” (associated with a mythological Greek king)
19. Lucius – meaning “light” or “illumination” (associated with Roman emperors)
20. Niall – meaning “champion” or “cloud” (associated with Irish kings)
21. Aldrich – meaning “old ruler” or “wise king”
22. Baldwin – meaning “brave friend” or “bold ruler”
23. Conrad – meaning “brave counsel” or “bold ruler”
24. Alaric – meaning “ruler of all” or “ruler of all people”
25. Constantine – meaning “steadfast” or “constant” (associated with Roman emperors)
26. Leonidas – meaning “lion-like” or “son of the lion” (associated with a Spartan king)
27. Thaddeus – meaning “courageous heart” or “praise” (associated with a biblical king)
28. Solomon – meaning “peaceful” or “man of peace” (associated with a biblical king)
29. Pharaoh – meaning “great house” or “royal palace” (associated with ancient Egyptian kings)
30. Emrys – meaning “immortal” or “king” (associated with Welsh mythology)


150+ Indian Names That Mean King


1. Rajat – Meaning “kingly”
2. Raja – Meaning “king”
3. Samrat – Meaning “emperor”
4. Raghav – Meaning “descendant of the king”
5. Veer – Meaning “brave king”
6. Aditya – Meaning “sun king”
7. Vivaan – Meaning “full of life, like a king”
8. Aryan – Meaning “noble, king-like”
9. Yuvan – Meaning “young king”
10. Bhupendra – Meaning “king of kings”
11. Mahendra – Meaning “great king”
12. Virat – Meaning “mighty king”
13. Ramit – Meaning “beloved king”
14. Rajendra – Meaning “king of gods”
15. Arjun – Meaning “bright, shining king”
16. Hrithik – Meaning “great king”
17. Dushyant – Meaning “destroyer of evil, victorious king”
18. Siddharth – Meaning “one who has attained enlightenment, king”
19. Jai – Meaning “victory, king”
20. Akshay – Meaning “indestructible, eternal king”
21. Manik – Meaning “gem, precious king”
22. Pranav – Meaning “sacred syllable Om, king”
23. Surya – Meaning “sun, king of the universe”
24. Dhruv – Meaning “firm, steadfast king”
25. Satvik – Meaning “pious, virtuous king”
26. Alok – Meaning “bright, radiant king”
27. Kunal – Meaning “lotus, king”
28. Arnav – Meaning “ocean, king of the waters”
29. Jayesh – Meaning “victorious king”
30. Pratham – Meaning “first, king”


150+ Japanese Names That Mean King


1. Masaru – meaning “victorious king”
2. Hiroshi – meaning “generous king”
3. Riku – meaning “land king”
4. Yuta – meaning “kind king”
5. Haru – meaning “spring king”
6. Kaito – meaning “ocean king”
7. Kazuki – meaning “peaceful king”
8. Taiki – meaning “big king”
9. Hideki – meaning “excellent king”
10. Akihiko – meaning “bright king”
11. Daiki – meaning “great king”
12. Takumi – meaning “master king”
13. Haruto – meaning “sun king”
14. Ryota – meaning “refreshing king”
15. Sora – meaning “sky king”
16. Yuto – meaning “superior king”
17. Makoto – meaning “truthful king”
18. Kiyoshi – meaning “pure king”
19. Toshiro – meaning “intelligent king”
20. Masato – meaning “just king”
21. Kenji – meaning “strong king”
22. Yuji – meaning “brave king”
23. Shinji – meaning “true king”
24. Takeshi – meaning “warrior king”
25. Shiro – meaning “white king”
26. Tomoya – meaning “wise king”
27. Yuichi – meaning “prosperous king”
28. Kazuya – meaning “peaceful king”
29. Daisuke – meaning “great king”
30. Tatsuya – meaning “accomplished king”


150+ Greek Names That Mean King


1. Alexios – means “defender” or “protector of mankind”
2. Basileios – means “king” or “royal”
3. Callisto – means “most beautiful” or “fairest”
4. Damianos – means “to tame” or “subdue”
5. Eleutherios – means “free” or “liberator”
6. Georgios – means “farmer” or “earthworker”
7. Herakles – means “glory of Hera” or “Hera’s strong one”
8. Iason – means “healer” or “one who cures”
9. Kallikrates – means “beautiful power” or “beautiful strength”
10. Leonidas – means “lion’s son” or “lion-like”
11. Melanthios – means “dark flower” or “black blossom”
12. Nikodemos – means “victory of the people”
13. Orestes – means “mountain dweller” or “one who stands on the mountain”
14. Panagiotis – means “all-holy” or “all-holy one”
15. Perseus – means “destroyer” or “one who destroys”
16. Socrates – means “power of the whole” or “whole power”
17. Themistocles – means “glory of the law” or “glory of the customs”
18. Xenophon – means “foreign voice” or “strange voice”
19. Zenon – means “king’s gift” or “gift of Zeus”
20. Aegidios – means “shield” or “protector”
21. Aristides – means “best” or “excellent”
22. Demetrios – means “follower of Demeter” or “devoted to Demeter”
23. Euphemios – means “well-spoken” or “eloquent”
24. Gerasimos – means “elderly” or “aged”
25. Ioannis – means “God is gracious” or “God is merciful”
26. Kyriakos – means “belonging to the Lord” or “of the Lord”
27. Lysandros – means “freed man” or “one who has been released”
28. Menelaos – means “strength of the people” or “people’s might”
29. Philokrates – means “lover of power” or “one who loves strength”
30. Theodoros – means “gift of God” or “God’s gift”


150+ French Names That Mean King


1. Roi (meaning “king”)
2. Henri (meaning “ruler of the household”)
3. Louis (meaning “renowned warrior”)
4. Alexandre (meaning “defender of mankind”)
5. Philippe (meaning “lover of horses”)
6. Lucien (meaning “light”)
7. Thibault (meaning “brave people”)
8. Émeric (meaning “powerful ruler”)
9. Mathis (meaning “gift of God”)
10. Gaspard (meaning “treasure bearer”)
11. Valentin (meaning “strong, healthy”)
12. Maximilien (meaning “greatest”)
13. Auguste (meaning “majestic, venerable”)
14. François (meaning “free man”)
15. Victor (meaning “victorious”)
16. Guillaume (meaning “resolute protector”)
17. Clément (meaning “merciful”)
18. Aubin (meaning “white, bright”)
19. Théo (meaning “divine gift”)
20. Édouard (meaning “wealthy guardian”)
21. Fabien (meaning “bean grower”)
22. Jules (meaning “youthful”)
23. Julien (meaning “youthful, downy”)
24. Léon (meaning “lion”)
25. Marcel (meaning “hammer”)
26. Olivier (meaning “elf army”)
27. Paul (meaning “small, humble”)
28. Rémi (meaning “oarsman”)
29. Simon (meaning “he has heard”)
30. Tristan (meaning “bold, tumult”)

150+ Arabic Names That Mean King


1. Malik – Meaning “king” or “ruler”
2. Sultan – Meaning “ruler” or “king”
3. Amir – Meaning “prince” or “king”
4. Faris – Meaning “knight” or “brave king”
5. Rayyan – Meaning “gates of heaven” or “kingship”
6. Zahir – Meaning “bright” or “shining king”
7. Faisal – Meaning “decisive ruler” or “just king”
8. Hamza – Meaning “strong” or “powerful king”
9. Jibril – Meaning “strong king” or “mighty ruler”
10. Nadir – Meaning “rare” or “unique king”
11. Zafir – Meaning “victorious” or “triumphant king”
12. Bashar – Meaning “bringer of good news” or “kingly”
13. Qasim – Meaning “distributor” or “divider as a king”
14. Aziz – Meaning “mighty” or “powerful king”
15. Saeed – Meaning “happy” or “fortunate king”
16. Tariq – Meaning “night visitor” or “night king”
17. Saif – Meaning “sword” or “warrior king”
18. Nizar – Meaning “pure” or “honorable king”
19. Riyad – Meaning “gardens” or “kingly palace”
20. Waleed – Meaning “newborn” or “royal king”
21. Talib – Meaning “seeker of knowledge” or “knowledgeable king”
22. Ziyaad – Meaning “increase” or “growing king”
23. Ameen – Meaning “trustworthy” or “faithful king”
24. Ghaleb – Meaning “victorious” or “conquering king”
25. Rakan – Meaning “pillar” or “supportive king”
26. Zayd – Meaning “abundance” or “prosperous king”
27. Musaab – Meaning “strong” or “powerful king”
28. Majid – Meaning “glorious” or “magnificent king”
29. Sameer – Meaning “companion” or “friendly king”
30. Fawaz – Meaning “successful” or “victorious king”


In conclusion, names that mean king hold a significant cultural and historical value. These names not only reflect the influence of monarchy throughout various civilizations but also symbolize power, leadership, and nobility. Throughout history, rulers and monarchs have sought to bestow upon their children names that embody the qualities associated with kingship.

The article explored the diverse origins and meanings of names that mean king, spanning across different cultures and languages. From the regal names of English and European origin, such as Richard and William, to the ancient and majestic names like Pharaoh and Raja, it is evident that the concept of kingship transcends geographical boundaries.

Furthermore, the article shed light on the popularity of names that mean king in contemporary times. Parents today are increasingly drawn towards these names, not only for their historical significance but also for the positive connotations they carry. Bestowing a name that means king upon a child can serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement, imbuing them with a sense of confidence and ambition.

Whether it is to honor a family legacy, pay tribute to a historical figure, or simply celebrate the qualities associated with kingship, names that mean king continue to be favored by many. They serve as a reminder of the enduring fascination with monarchy and the desire to bestow children with names that carry a sense of grandeur and authority.

In conclusion, the names that mean king are not merely labels but representations of power, strength, and majesty. They encapsulate the timeless allure of kingship and continue to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of parents around the world.

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