150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Love

In the vast realm of names, there exists a beautiful array of choices that hold a special meaning: names that mean love. Love is a universal emotion that transcends all boundaries and unites people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is a feeling that brings warmth, joy, and a sense of connection to our lives. Choosing a name that represents love not only imbues a child with a profound sense of affection but also pays homage to the enduring power of this incredible emotion.

Throughout history, names that mean love have held a significant place in various societies. From ancient civilizations to modern times, these names have been bestowed upon individuals as a symbol of love’s enduring presence in their lives. Whether you are expecting a baby or looking to change your own name, selecting a name that means love can be a heartfelt and meaningful choice.

In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of names that carry the essence of love. From traditional and classic monikers to unique and uncommon choices, we will delve into the origins, meanings, and cultural significance of each name. Whether you prefer names rooted in Greek mythology, Biblical references, or names with a multicultural flair, we have curated a comprehensive list to inspire and guide you in finding the perfect name that encapsulates the essence of love.

Join us on this journey as we uncover the enchanting world of names that mean love and discover the profound impact a name can have on a person’s identity, aspirations, and sense of belonging.


150+ American Names That Mean Love


1. Amora (Spanish origin meaning “love”)
2. Beau (French origin meaning “handsome” or “beautiful”)
3. Cupid (Latin origin meaning “desire”)
4. Amias (Latin origin meaning “loved”)
5. Carys (Welsh origin meaning “love”)
6. Esme (French origin meaning “beloved”)
7. Fidelia (Latin origin meaning “faithful” or “loyal”)
8. Freya (Norse origin meaning “love” or “beloved”)
9. Kalila (Arabic origin meaning “beloved”)
10. Liora (Hebrew origin meaning “my light” or “I have light”)
11. Mila (Slavic origin meaning “love” or “gracious”)
12. Remy (French origin meaning “oarsman of love”)
13. Seraphina (Hebrew origin meaning “burning fire” or “fiery love”)
14. Amorina (Italian origin meaning “little love”)
15. Carita (Spanish origin meaning “dear” or “beloved”)
16. Darlene (English origin meaning “darling” or “beloved”)
17. Eamon (Irish origin meaning “wealthy protector of love”)
18. Fynn (Irish origin meaning “fair love” or “fair-haired”)
19. Haven (English origin meaning “safe place” or “refuge of love”)
20. Imani (Swahili origin meaning “faith” or “love”)
21. Joleen (Hebrew origin meaning “God will increase love”)
22. Kasia (Polish origin meaning “pure love”)
23. Lennox (Scottish origin meaning “with many elm trees” or “lover of many”)
24. Mabel (Latin origin meaning “lovable” or “loving”)
25. Nia (Swahili origin meaning “purpose” or “love”)
26. Orin (Irish origin meaning “pale-skinned” or “fair love”)
27. Renata (Latin origin meaning “reborn” or “renewed love”)
28. Suki (Japanese origin meaning “beloved” or “loved one”)
29. Thalia (Greek origin meaning “to blossom” or “abundance of love”)
30. Valentina (Latin origin meaning “strong” or “healthy love”)


150+ Indian Names That Mean Love


1. Anaya – means “caring and affectionate”
2. Advaita – means “unique love”
3. Alok – means “love and light”
4. Amara – means “eternal love”
5. Anjali – means “offering with love”
6. Asha – means “hope and love”
7. Bhavana – means “feeling of love”
8. Darsh – means “to see with love”
9. Devi – means “divine love”
10. Esha – means “desire and love”
11. Gauri – means “fair and loving”
12. Hridya – means “heartfelt love”
13. Ishita – means “desired love”
14. Jyoti – means “light of love”
15. Kavi – means “poet of love”
16. Leela – means “playful love”
17. Maya – means “illusion of love”
18. Naina – means “eyes of love”
19. Pranaya – means “pure love”
20. Raagini – means “melody of love”
21. Sanjna – means “harmony and love”
22. Shakti – means “power of love”
23. Tanvi – means “delicate and loving”
24. Uma – means “motherly love”
25. Vanya – means “gracious love”
26. Yashvi – means “beloved and victorious”
27. Zara – means “bright and loving”
28. Aarush – means “first ray of love”
29. Niharika – means “dew drops of love”
30. Vivaan – means “full of love and life”


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Love


1. Ai – meaning “love”
2. Haruki – meaning “shining love”
3. Hikari – meaning “light and love”
4. Koi – meaning “deep love”
5. Akemi – meaning “bright and beautiful love”
6. Haruka – meaning “distant love”
7. Kazuki – meaning “peaceful love”
8. Ren – meaning “pure love”
9. Aiko – meaning “beloved child”
10. Kaori – meaning “fragrance of love”
11. Miu – meaning “gentle love”
12. Rei – meaning “graceful love”
13. Yumi – meaning “archery of love”
14. Hiroshi – meaning “generous love”
15. Rina – meaning “little love”
16. Keiko – meaning “blessed love”
17. Sora – meaning “sky of love”
18. Kohana – meaning “flower of love”
19. Yori – meaning “trustworthy love”
20. Akira – meaning “bright love”
21. Mizuki – meaning “beautiful love”
22. Yuuki – meaning “courageous love”
23. Noboru – meaning “rising love”
24. Manami – meaning “loving beauty”
25. Tsubasa – meaning “wings of love”
26. Ayumi – meaning “walk of love”
27. Natsumi – meaning “summer love”
28. Riko – meaning “child of love”
29. Yua – meaning “affectionate love”
30. Satsuki – meaning “moon of love”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Love


1. Agapi (Greek for “love”)
2. Eros (Greek god of love)
3. Philo (Greek for “to love”)
4. Thalia (Greek for “blooming” or “to flourish”)
5. Aiko (Greek for “beloved child”)
6. Kalina (Greek for “rosebud”)
7. Mila (Greek for “gracious” or “dear”)
8. Evander (Greek for “good man” or “beloved”)
9. Xanthi (Greek for “golden” or “yellow”)
10. Galene (Greek for “serene” or “calm”)
11. Zephyr (Greek for “west wind” or “gentle breeze”)
12. Elara (Greek for “beloved” or “shining”)
13. Thalia (Greek for “joy” or “abundance”)
14. Eudora (Greek for “generous gift” or “good gift”)
15. Thea (Greek for “goddess” or “divine”)
16. Alexios (Greek for “defender of men” or “protector”)
17. Cressida (Greek for “golden” or “precious”)
18. Euphemia (Greek for “well-spoken” or “good reputation”)
19. Hermione (Greek for “messenger” or “announcement”)
20. Lysandra (Greek for “liberator” or “freedom”)
21. Neoma (Greek for “new moon” or “new beginning”)
22. Ophelia (Greek for “helpful” or “wise”)
23. Phaedra (Greek for “bright” or “shining”)
24. Selene (Greek goddess of the moon)
25. Thaddeus (Greek for “courageous heart” or “loving heart”)
26. Xenia (Greek for “hospitable” or “friendly”)
27. Zephyrine (Greek for “west wind” or “gentle breeze”)
28. Icarus (Greek mythological character associated with love and adventure)
29. Daphne (Greek for “laurel tree” or “victory”)
30. Amara (Greek for “eternal” or “unfading”)


150+ French Names That Mean Love


1. Amour (Love)
2. Cher (Dear)
3. Fleur (Flower)
4. Cœur (Heart)
5. Mignon (Cute)
6. Doux (Sweet)
7. Joli (Pretty)
8. Bébé (Baby)
9. Chéri(e) (Darling)
10. Charmant(e) (Charming)
11. Câlin(e) (Cuddly)
12. Adoré(e) (Adored)
13. Tendre (Tender)
14. Aimée (Beloved)
15. Douceur (Sweetness)
16. Amélie (Loved)
17. Roméo (Romeo)
18. Juliette (Juliet)
19. Chérie (Sweetheart)
20. Ange (Angel)
21. Passion (Passion)
22. Amante (Lover)
23. Câline (Affectionate)
24. Mi Amor (My Love)
25. Beau (Beautiful/Handsome)
26. Belle (Beautiful)
27. Ciel (Sky/Heaven)
28. Joie (Joy)
29. Rêve (Dream)
30. Sérénité (Serenity)

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Love


1. Habiba (Beloved)
2. Aziz (Precious)
3. Layla (Night)
4. Nour (Light)
5. Hadiya (Gift)
6. Rasha (Young gazelle)
7. Amani (Wishes)
8. Zain (Beautiful)
9. Widad (Affection)
10. Farah (Joy)
11. Salma (Safe)
12. Jamal (Beauty)
13. Hiba (Gift)
14. Rania (Delighted)
15. Mohab (Love)
16. Yasmin (Jasmine flower)
17. Zaynab (Fragrant flower)
18. Amal (Hope)
19. Sami (Elevated)
20. Lina (Tender)
21. Joud (Generosity)
22. Rahma (Mercy)
23. Aya (Miracle)
24. Faisal (Decisive)
25. Sama (Sky)
26. Rima (Gazelle)
27. Khalid (Eternal)
28. Sahar (Dawn)
29. Lana (Soft)
30. Tariq (Morning star)


In conclusion, names that mean love hold a special significance and appeal to parents who want to bestow a meaningful and affectionate name upon their child. Throughout history and across cultures, names that embody the essence of love have been chosen to express the deep bond and affection between individuals. The popularity of these names reflects the universal desire to honor and celebrate love in all its forms.

From traditional names like Amara and David, to unique and exotic choices such as Esme and Kalila, the options for names that mean love are vast and diverse. These names not only carry a beautiful sentiment, but they also have the potential to shape the personality and character of the individual who bears them. The association with love can help instill positive qualities like compassion, empathy, and kindness, guiding the individual to lead a life filled with love and warmth towards others.

Furthermore, choosing a name that means love can serve as a constant reminder of the power of love in our lives. As parents, we hope to raise children who understand the importance of love and strive to spread it in the world. Giving them a name that embodies this ideal can serve as a daily affirmation of their purpose and inspire them to live a life filled with love and happiness.

In a world that often feels divided and disconnected, names that mean love offer a sense of unity and hope. They remind us of the fundamental human need for love and the potential we all have to make a positive impact on one another. Whether it is a traditional name passed down through generations or a unique choice that holds personal significance, names that mean love are a powerful way to honor the universal emotion that binds us all together.

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