150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Night

In the realm of baby naming, finding the perfect name that captures the essence of the night can be an enchanting endeavor. Whether you’re drawn to the mystery, tranquility, or simply the beauty of the night, there are an array of names that embody this captivating time. So, if you’re searching for a name that exudes the allure and charm of the night, you’ve come to the right place.

Names that mean night have gained popularity in recent years as parents seek unique and meaningful monikers for their little ones. These names not only evoke a sense of intrigue but also carry a sense of tranquility and elegance. From ancient mythological figures to celestial bodies and nature-inspired names, the possibilities are vast when it comes to selecting a name that resonates with the night.

Whether you’re envisioning a name rooted in Greek mythology, such as Nyx, the goddess of the night, or drawn to celestial names like Luna or Stella, which pay homage to the moon and stars, there are countless options to consider. Additionally, nature-inspired names like Twilight, Nocturne, or even Shadow evoke the essence of the night in a more subtle yet equally enchanting way.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a myriad of names that mean night, delving into their origins, meanings, and cultural significance. Whether you’re looking for a name that is bold and dramatic or one that exudes a sense of calm and serenity, we’ve curated a diverse selection of names that are sure to inspire and captivate. So, join us as we embark on this magical journey into the world of names that mean night.


150+ American Names That Mean Night


1. Luna – Latin name meaning “moon”
2. Nox – Latin name meaning “night”
3. Ember – English name meaning “glowing coal”
4. Zephyr – Greek name meaning “west wind” associated with nighttime breezes
5. Dusk – English word representing the time between day and night
6. Orion – Greek name meaning “rising in the sky” associated with the night sky
7. Selene – Greek name meaning “moon goddess”
8. Jett – English name meaning “black gemstone”
9. Nyx – Greek name meaning “night”
10. Starling – English name representing the nighttime bird
11. Raven – English name symbolizing the night and mystery
12. Twilight – English word representing the period between daylight and darkness
13. Midnight – English word representing the middle of the night
14. Seraphina – Hebrew name meaning “fiery ones” often associated with angels of the night
15. Shadow – English word representing darkness
16. Astrid – Old Norse name meaning “divine strength” often associated with the night sky
17. Morrigan – Irish name meaning “great queen” often associated with night and death
18. Nova – Latin name meaning “new” often associated with stars shining brightly at night
19. Astra – Greek name meaning “star” often associated with the night sky
20. Eclipse – English word representing the blocking or covering of light, associated with the night
21. Stella – Latin name meaning “star”
22. Celeste – Latin name meaning “heavenly”
23. Lunar – English word representing anything related to the moon
24. Nocturne – French word representing a musical composition inspired by the night
25. Sable – English word representing the color black, often associated with nighttime
26. Crescent – English word representing the moon in its first or last quarter, associated with the night sky
27. Astro – Greek name meaning “star”
28. Twilighta – Feminine variation of Twilight
29. Evren – Turkish name meaning “cosmos” often associated with the night sky
30. Solstice – English word representing the shortest or longest night of the year


150+ Indian Names That Mean Night


1. Anaya (meaning: caring soul)
2. Kavya (meaning: poetic beauty)
3. Nisha (meaning: night)
4. Amara (meaning: eternal beauty)
5. Tara (meaning: star)
6. Ratri (meaning: night)
7. Indira (meaning: beauty of the night)
8. Chandra (meaning: moon)
9. Shakti (meaning: power)
10. Roshni (meaning: light)
11. Kali (meaning: dark goddess)
12. Alok (meaning: light)
13. Anika (meaning: graceful)
14. Ishana (meaning: night goddess)
15. Nidra (meaning: sleep)
16. Neela (meaning: blue)
17. Amaya (meaning: night rain)
18. Sitara (meaning: star)
19. Chhaya (meaning: shadow)
20. Prabhavati (meaning: influential)
21. Karishma (meaning: miracle)
22. Prisha (meaning: beloved)
23. Aaradhya (meaning: worshipped)
24. Aashi (meaning: smile)
25. Aruna (meaning: dawn)
26. Hamsa (meaning: graceful swan)
27. Tanvi (meaning: delicate)
28. Ritu (meaning: season)
29. Nishka (meaning: night dew)
30. Mohini (meaning: enchanting)


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Night


1. Yoru – meaning “night”
2. Yami – meaning “darkness”
3. Tsuki – meaning “moon”
4. Yozora – meaning “night sky”
5. Yumeko – meaning “night child”
6. Kokoro – meaning “heart of the night”
7. Kuro – meaning “black”
8. Akira – meaning “bright and clear”
9. Ayame – meaning “iris” (a flower associated with the night)
10. Hikari – meaning “light” (contrasting the night)
11. Kage – meaning “shadow”
12. Michiru – meaning “to be full” (referring to the full moon at night)
13. Kuronosuke – meaning “child of the night”
14. Yoru no Hoshi – meaning “night star”
15. Yumemi – meaning “dreaming of the night”
16. Yoru no Tenshi – meaning “night angel”
17. Kasumi – meaning “mist” (often associated with the nighttime)
18. Itsumo – meaning “always” (referring to the constant presence of the night)
19. Yoru no Sakura – meaning “night cherry blossom”
20. Kuroi Hana – meaning “black flower”
21. Yumetatsu – meaning “born in a dream” (alluding to the night)
22. Ayako – meaning “night child”
23. Yomi – meaning “underworld” (associated with darkness and night)
24. Akumu – meaning “nightmare”
25. Hoshizora – meaning “starry sky” (linked to the night)
26. Kurogane – meaning “black steel”
27. Yumemiru – meaning “dreaming of the night”
28. Yorukaze – meaning “night breeze”
29. Yumetsuki – meaning “dream moon”
30. Akatsuki – meaning “dawn” (symbolizing the end of the night)


150+ Greek Names That Mean Night


1. Nyx
2. Selene
3. Astraea
4. Erebus
5. Hesperia
6. Morpheus
7. Keres
8. Nox
9. Zephyros
10. Hypnos
11. Hemera
12. Caligo
13. Somnia
14. Phoebe
15. Aether
16. Nyktelios
17. Tenebris
18. Thanatos
19. Erebos
20. Merope
21. Melaina
22. Eos
23. Chrysaor
24. Kallisto
25. Chalciope
26. Alcyone
27. Styx
28. Asteria
29. Charon
30. Deimos


150+ French Names That Mean Night


1. Nuit (meaning night)
2. Étoile (meaning star)
3. Lune (meaning moon)
4. Nocturne (meaning nocturnal)
5. Sombre (meaning dark)
6. Ombre (meaning shadow)
7. Mystère (meaning mystery)
8. Astre (meaning celestial body)
9. Ciel (meaning sky)
10. Éclipse (meaning eclipse)
11. Énigme (meaning riddle)
12. Éclair (meaning lightning)
13. Brume (meaning mist)
14. Obscurité (meaning darkness)
15. Soirée (meaning evening)
16. Aube (meaning dawn)
17. Crépuscule (meaning twilight)
18. Ébène (meaning ebony)
19. Émeraude (meaning emerald)
20. Luciole (meaning firefly)
21. Nuitée (meaning overnight stay)
22. Plume (meaning feather)
23. Ténèbres (meaning shadows)
24. Sommeil (meaning sleep)
25. Noirceur (meaning blackness)
26. Évanescence (meaning evanescence)
27. Éclat (meaning sparkle)
28. Ombrelle (meaning parasol)
29. Sérénité (meaning serenity)
30. Nuit éternelle (meaning eternal night)

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Night


1. Layla (ليلى) – meaning “night”
2. Qamar (قمر) – meaning “moon”
3. Zouhour (زهور) – meaning “flowers”
4. Noura (نورة) – meaning “light”
5. Dalal (دلال) – meaning “coquetry”
6. Yasmine (ياسمين) – meaning “jasmine”
7. Zaynab (زينب) – meaning “fragrant flower”
8. Zara (زارا) – meaning “nighttime”
9. Layth (ليث) – meaning “lion”
10. Amira (أميرة) – meaning “princess”
11. Ghada (غادة) – meaning “graceful”
12. Rasha (رشا) – meaning “rain at night”
13. Yasir (ياسر) – meaning “wealthy”
14. Samir (سمير) – meaning “companion of the night”
15. Layali (ليالي) – meaning “nights”
16. Zuhair (زهير) – meaning “bright, radiant”
17. Amani (آماني) – meaning “wishes, aspirations”
18. Najwa (نجوى) – meaning “secret conversation at night”
19. Kamal (كمال) – meaning “perfection”
20. Faris (فارس) – meaning “knight”
21. Layan (ليان) – meaning “soft, gentle”
22. Zain (زين) – meaning “beauty”
23. Sama (سما) – meaning “sky”
24. Aya (آية) – meaning “miracle”
25. Saeed (سعيد) – meaning “happy”
26. Hala (هالة) – meaning “halo, aura”
27. Ziad (زياد) – meaning “growth, abundance”
28. Leen (لين) – meaning “tender”
29. Aseel (أسيل) – meaning “evening, nightfall”
30. Raya (راية) – meaning “banner, flag”


In conclusion, names that mean night hold a certain mystique and allure, making them an intriguing choice for parents seeking unique and symbolic names for their children. From various cultures and languages, these names evoke imagery of darkness, moonlit skies, and the enchanting hours of the night. They often carry deep meanings and symbolize qualities such as intelligence, wisdom, and mystery.

Exploring names that mean night allows parents to delve into a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Whether it is the Native American name Nisha, meaning “night” or the Arabic name Layla, associated with the night sky, these names offer a glimpse into different traditions and belief systems. They can be a way to celebrate and honor one’s heritage or simply appreciate the beauty of other cultures.

Moreover, names that mean night can also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the individuals who bear them. These names can remind them of the power and serenity that the night brings, encouraging them to embrace their unique qualities and navigate life’s challenges with resilience.

Ultimately, the choice of a name is deeply personal and subjective. Some parents may be drawn to names that mean night due to their symbolic significance, while others may simply find them aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of the reason, names that mean night provide an opportunity to infuse a touch of mystery and enchantment into a child’s identity, creating a name that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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