150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Snow

Snow is a magical phenomenon that has captivated humans for centuries. Its serene beauty and soft touch have inspired poets, artists, and storytellers around the world. As snowflakes gracefully fall from the sky, they create a winter wonderland that evokes a sense of tranquility and awe. In many cultures, the word for snow holds deep significance and reflects the cultural values and traditions associated with this frozen precipitation.

One fascinating aspect of snow-related words is the names that mean snow. These names not only capture the essence of winter but also carry symbolic meanings that resonate with individuals and their families. Whether you are searching for a unique name for a newborn or simply intrigued by the linguistic diversity surrounding snow, exploring the various names associated with this element can be an enlightening journey.

Different languages and cultures have their own distinct names that mean snow, each carrying its own story and connotation. From the Icelandic name “Snædís,” which means “snow goddess,” to the Native American name “Aput,” meaning “snow” in Inuit, these names offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human history and the ways in which people have interacted with and revered snow.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of names that mean snow, exploring their origins, significance, and cultural context. Whether you are looking for a name that reflects your love for winter or simply interested in expanding your knowledge of different languages, this exploration of snow-related names is sure to spark your curiosity and appreciation for the diverse ways in which humans have embraced the magical world of snow.


150+ American Names That Mean Snow


1. Nevaeh (Girl) – Derived from “heaven” spelled backwards, representing the pure and ethereal beauty of snow.
2. Aspen (Boy/Girl) – Named after the popular snow-covered tree, representing strength and resilience.
3. Crystal (Girl) – Symbolizing the delicate and sparkling nature of snowflakes.
4. Blaze (Boy) – Inspired by the intense brightness and warmth of a snowy fire.
5. Alaska (Girl) – Reflecting the icy landscapes and snowy mountains of the state.
6. Frost (Boy) – Representing the freezing temperatures and the magical touch of Jack Frost.
7. Winter (Girl) – A straightforward name that captures the essence of the snowy season.
8. Everest (Boy) – Inspired by the highest mountain peak, symbolizing the grandeur and majesty of snow-covered summits.
9. Ivory (Girl) – Representing the pure and pristine color of freshly fallen snow.
10. North (Boy) – Inspired by the snow-covered regions of the northern United States.
11. Neige (Girl) – A French word meaning “snow,” representing elegance and beauty.
12. Glacier (Boy) – Symbolizing the massive ice formations found in snowy regions.
13. Aurora (Girl) – Named after the mesmerizing Northern Lights that often appear in snowy regions.
14. Frostine (Girl) – A unique twist on the word “frost,” representing the enchanting beauty of snow.
15. Sterling (Boy) – Representing the shimmering and silvery quality of snow.
16. Bianca (Girl) – A name of Italian origin meaning “white,” symbolizing the pure white color of snow.
17. Blizzard (Boy) – Inspired by the intense snowstorms that blanket parts of the country.
18. Avalon (Girl) – Derived from the legend of King Arthur, representing a mythical snowy paradise.
19. Yukon (Boy) – Named after the snowy landscapes of the Yukon territory in Canada.
20. Eira (Girl) – A Welsh name meaning “snow,” representing the gentle and peaceful nature of snowfall.
21. Frostbite (Boy) – An unconventional name representing the biting coldness of snow and ice.
22. Nevis (Girl) – Named after the snowy mountains of the Nevis Range in Scotland.
23. Snowdon (Boy) – Inspired by the highest mountain in Wales, symbolizing the snowy peaks.
24. Ivory Belle (Girl) – A combination of “ivory” and “belle” (French for beautiful), representing the elegance and beauty of snow.
25. Wintry (Boy) – Capturing the essence of the winter season and the snowy landscapes it brings.
26. Alaska Storm (Girl) – A combination of the snow-covered state and the powerful force of winter storms.
27. Frostine Winter (Girl) – Combining the enchanting qualities of “frostine” with the snowy season of “winter.”
28. Drift (Boy) – Symbolizing the accumulation of snow formed by the wind.
29. Frostina (Girl) – A unique variation of “frost,” representing the feminine and delicate nature of snow.
30. Arctic (Boy/Girl) – Inspired by the icy landscapes of the Arctic region, representing the extreme cold and snowy conditions.


150+ Indian Names That Mean Snow


1. Himani: This name means “belonging to snow” in Sanskrit.
2. Shiva: This name means “pure” and is associated with the snow-capped Mount Kailash.
3. Avneesh: This name means “lord of the snowy mountain” in Sanskrit.
4. Nevaeh: Derived from the word “heaven” spelled backward, it signifies the purity and beauty of snow.
5. Himaja: This name means “born out of snow” in Sanskrit.
6. Barfika: A unique name meaning “snowflake” in Hindi.
7. Neelima: This name means “the color of snow” in Sanskrit.
8. Himaakshi: This name means “one with snow-like eyes” in Sanskrit.
9. Himadri: This name means “mountain covered with snow” in Sanskrit.
10. Shneha: A beautiful name meaning “snow” in Sanskrit.
11. Himaniya: This name means “one who belongs to the snow mountain” in Sanskrit.
12. Neelakshi: A unique name meaning “blue-eyed like snow” in Sanskrit.
13. Himarshi: This name means “desire for snow” in Sanskrit.
14. Shnehi: A melodic name meaning “the love and purity of snow” in Sanskrit.
15. Himesh: This name means “king of snow” in Sanskrit.
16. Neeraja: A lovely name meaning “born from water, like snow” in Sanskrit.
17. Himaruna: This name means “the color of snow at dawn” in Sanskrit.
18. Shnehal: A beautiful name meaning “affectionate like snow” in Sanskrit.
19. Himaani: This name means “one who possesses snow-like qualities” in Sanskrit.
20. Neeladri: A unique name meaning “the mountain range covered in snow” in Sanskrit.
21. Himashree: This name means “the radiance and beauty of snow” in Sanskrit.
22. Snighda: A charming name meaning “gentle” or “soft as snow” in Sanskrit.
23. Himakara: This name means “creator of snow” in Sanskrit.
24. Neerav: A modern name meaning “calm and serene like snow” in Sanskrit.
25. Himangi: This name means “having a body as white as snow” in Sanskrit.
26. Shnehiya: A lovely name meaning “the purity and love of snow” in Sanskrit.
27. Himavad: This name means “abode of snow” in Sanskrit.
28. Neerika: A unique name meaning “water droplet, like snow” in Sanskrit.
29. Himarathi: This name means “one who is pleased by snow” in Sanskrit.
30. Shivasnow: A creative combination of “Shiva” and “snow,” symbolizing purity and divine presence.


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Snow


1. Yuki – Meaning “snow”
2. Fuyu – Meaning “winter”
3. Setsuko – Meaning “snow child”
4. Haruki – Meaning “shining snow”
5. Mizuki – Meaning “beautiful snow”
6. Yumiko – Meaning “snow child”
7. Yukio – Meaning “blessed with snow”
8. Toshiko – Meaning “child of the yearning snow”
9. Shiro – Meaning “white” or “snow”
10. Akiko – Meaning “bright snow”
11. Hiroshi – Meaning “generous snow”
12. Kiyoshi – Meaning “pure snow”
13. Yori – Meaning “snowflake”
14. Ayame – Meaning “iris” or “snow flower”
15. Yumeko – Meaning “snow child”
16. Michiko – Meaning “beautiful snow child”
17. Yukiko – Meaning “snow child”
18. Hatsu – Meaning “first snow”
19. Makoto – Meaning “sincere snow”
20. Kiri – Meaning “fog” or “snow”
21. Fuyuki – Meaning “winter snow”
22. Nozomi – Meaning “hopeful snow”
23. Kazuki – Meaning “peaceful snow”
24. Tsumoru – Meaning “to pile up” or “to accumulate like snow”
25. Yukina – Meaning “snow flower”
26. Miyuki – Meaning “beautiful snow”
27. Sora – Meaning “sky” or “sky of snow”
28. Rin – Meaning “cold” or “dignified snow”
29. Yuzuru – Meaning “bound with snow”
30. Yumemi – Meaning “dreaming of snow”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Snow


1. Eirini – meaning “peace”
2. Neve – meaning “snow” in Greek
3. Kyria – meaning “lady of snow”
4. Arktos – meaning “bear” as a reference to the snowy Arctic
5. Thalassa – meaning “sea” but also associated with snow and winter
6. Chioni – meaning “snow”
7. Crystalia – meaning “crystal of snow”
8. Zefyros – meaning “west wind” but has a snowy, wintery feel
9. Boreas – meaning “north wind” and associated with snowstorms
10. Yuki – meaning “snow” in Japanese, but can be used as a unique Greek name
11. Nivea – meaning “snow-white”
12. Eirafili – meaning “snow lover”
13. Myrrine – meaning “snowberry”
14. Brumina – meaning “winter storm”
15. Krya – meaning “icy”
16. Frostia – meaning “frost”
17. Neveska – meaning “little snow”
18. Hionia – meaning “snowy”
19. Zima – meaning “winter” in Slavic, but can be a unique Greek name
20. Icyra – meaning “icy water”
21. Yalos – meaning “ice” in Greek
22. Glaciela – meaning “small glacier”
23. Nixie – meaning “water nymph associated with snow”
24. Yuvia – meaning “snowfall”
25. Kira – meaning “frost” in Greek
26. Zephyra – meaning “west wind” but can also have a snowy connotation
27. Blanca – meaning “white” in Spanish, but can be used as a unique Greek name
28. Polyna – meaning “covered in snow”
29. Krystallos – meaning “crystal” and associated with snow
30. Elara – meaning “icy shining one”


150+ French Names That Mean Snow


1. Flocon – meaning “snowflake”
2. Neige – meaning “snow”
3. Glace – meaning “ice”
4. Hiver – meaning “winter”
5. Avalanche – meaning “a large mass of snow, ice, or rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside”
6. Blizzard – meaning “a severe snowstorm”
7. Poudreuse – meaning “powder snow”
8. Gelée – meaning “frost”
9. Montagne – meaning “mountain”
10. Étoile – meaning “star” (associated with snowflakes)
11. Froid – meaning “cold”
12. Frimas – meaning “hoarfrost”
13. Avalanche – meaning “avalanche”
14. Givre – meaning “hoarfrost”
15. Patin – meaning “ice skate”
16. Blanc – meaning “white”
17. Gel – meaning “ice”
18. Poudre – meaning “powder”
19. Igloo – meaning “igloo”
20. Glissade – meaning “slide” (associated with snow)
21. Piste – meaning “ski slope”
22. Ski – meaning “ski”
23. Luge – meaning “sled”
24. Alpin – meaning “alpine”
25. Givre – meaning “frost”
26. Avaloir – meaning “snowdrift”
27. Col – meaning “pass” (associated with snowy mountain passes)
28. Piste – meaning “track” (associated with ski slopes)
29. Raquette – meaning “snowshoe”
30. Traineau – meaning “sleigh”

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Snow


1. Zima (زيمة): Meaning “snow” in Arabic, this name is simple and elegant.
2. Barad (برد): Derived from the Arabic word for “hail,” this name has a cool and icy feel.
3. Thalj (ثلج): Meaning “snowflake,” this name is delicate and unique.
4. Zahrat al-Thalj (زهرة الثلج): Translating to “snow flower,” this name combines the beauty of snow and flowers.
5. Zahim (زاهم): Meaning “white snow,” this name has a strong and powerful sound.
6. Raqiq (رقيق): Translating to “delicate,” this name reflects the fragile nature of snow.
7. Barid (بريد): Meaning “cold” in Arabic, this name has a frosty and mysterious appeal.
8. Zaynab (زينب): This classic Arabic name means “fragrant flower,” but can also be associated with snow due to its gentle and pure connotations.
9. Saqer (صاقر): Translating to “white falcon,” this name captures the essence of a snowy landscape.
10. Baydar (بيدار): Meaning “snowy,” this name is strong and distinctive.
11. Zimal (زمال): Derived from the Arabic word for “snow,” this name has a modern and trendy feel.
12. Barq (برق): Translating to “lightning,” this name symbolizes the quick and dazzling nature of snowfall.
13. Sama (سما): Meaning “sky,” this name can be associated with snow-covered landscapes stretching towards the heavens.
14. Zara (زارا): This Arabic name means “blooming flower,” but can also be linked to snow due to its pure and crystalline qualities.
15. Tharwa (ثروة): Translating to “wealth” or “abundance,” this name can be associated with the richness and purity of snow.
16. Baran (باران): Derived from the Persian word for “rain,” this name can also be associated with snowfall in Arabic.
17. Ziyad (زياد): Meaning “increase” or “growth,” this name can be linked to the accumulation of snow during the winter season.
18. Tabarak (تبارك): Translating to “blessed,” this name can symbolize the beauty and tranquility of a snowy landscape.
19. Baridah (بريدة): Derived from the word for “cold” in Arabic, this name has a cool and refreshing vibe.
20. Zuhur (زهور): Meaning “flowers,” this name can be associated with the blooming of snowy landscapes during springtime.
21. Thar (ثار): Translating to “snowy peak,” this name evokes images of majestic snow-capped mountains.
22. Barik (باريك): Derived from the Arabic word for “icy,” this name has a sharp and crisp sound.
23. Zaytoun (زيتون): Meaning “olive tree,” this name can be associated with the light dusting of snow on tree branches.
24. Zimala (زمالة): Translating to “snowy companionship,” this name represents the bond between loved ones during the winter season.
25. Zawiyah (زاوية): Meaning “corner” in Arabic, this name can be associated with the untouched corners of snow-covered landscapes.
26. Barqan (برقان): Derived from the Arabic word for “lightning,” this name has a vibrant and electrifying feel.
27. Zirwa (زرعة): Translating to “bright and radiant,” this name can be associated with the glistening of snow in the sunlight.
28. Tala (طالع): Meaning “rising” or “ascendant,” this name can symbolize the pure and hopeful nature of snowfall.
29. Baroud (بارود): Derived from the Arabic word for “gunpowder,” this name has a powerful and explosive sound, reminiscent of a snowstorm.
30. Zaima (زايمة): Translating to “snow blanket,” this name represents the peaceful and calming effect of snowfall.


In conclusion, names that mean snow are not only beautiful and unique, but they also carry a sense of purity, tranquility, and wonder. These names have a timeless quality that can be appreciated across different cultures and generations. By choosing a name that means snow for your child or even a pet, you are embracing the beauty of winter and the symbolism associated with snow.

Throughout history, snow has been depicted as a symbol of purity and innocence. It is often associated with calmness, serenity, and new beginnings. Naming your child or pet after snow can evoke a sense of these qualities, reminding us of the simple joys in life and the wonders of nature. Moreover, names that mean snow can also be a nod to the resilience and strength that comes with enduring harsh winter conditions.

Additionally, snow has a universal appeal that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether it is the Scandinavian name “Eira,” the Japanese name “Yuki,” or the English name “Neve,” names that mean snow can be found in various cultures around the world. This diversity allows individuals to connect with their heritage or appreciate different cultures through the choice of a name.

Overall, names that mean snow offer a unique and meaningful way to honor the beauty and symbolism of this natural phenomenon. Whether you are drawn to the delicate and ethereal qualities associated with snow or the strength and resilience it represents, these names provide a captivating and enchanting option for parents or pet owners seeking a distinct and significant name.

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