250+ Best Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

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Welcome to the world of baby names, where creativity and personal meaning come together to give your little one a unique identity. If you are a fan of the popular video game Dark Souls and want to bestow your child with a name inspired by this dark and mysterious universe, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore a collection of baby names that draw inspiration from the captivating characters, locations, and themes found in Dark Souls. So, whether you are seeking a name that exudes strength, resilience, or a touch of enigmatic allure, we have curated a list of names that will surely ignite your imagination. Let’s embark on this journey and discover the perfect name for your little champion.


American Girl Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Emberlyn – Derived from the word “ember” and the suffix “-lyn,” this name symbolizes the fiery essence of the Dark Souls world.
2. Asherine – Combining “ash” and “serene,” this name represents the calmness found amidst the ashes of the Dark Souls universe.
3. Solara – A fusion of “solar” and “ara,” this name signifies the radiant energy that illuminates the darkness in Dark Souls.
4. Vespera – Originating from the Latin word for “evening,” this name embodies the twilight atmosphere prevalent throughout the game.
5. Seraphine – Inspired by the celestial beings known as seraphs, this name evokes a sense of divine grace and power.
6. Morrigan – Derived from Irish mythology, this name references a goddess associated with battle and fate, reflecting the challenging nature of Dark Souls.
7. Nyx – Taken from Greek mythology, this name pays homage to the primordial goddess of the night, representing the mysterious and enigmatic aspects of the game.
8. Aetheria – Derived from the Greek word for “ether,” this name signifies the ethereal and otherworldly elements found in Dark Souls.
9. Lysandra – Combining “lysis” (meaning dissolution) and “andra” (meaning man), this name represents the transformative journey and sacrifices made in the game.
10. Elysium – Inspired by the Greek concept of a paradise for heroes, this name symbolizes the ultimate goal and reward in Dark Souls, offering a sense of hope and triumph.


American Boy Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Asherion – Meaning “the one who wields the power of ashes,” inspired by the Ashen One protagonist in Dark Souls.
2. Solgrave – Derived from “sol” meaning sun and “grave,” symbolizing a warrior of light who battles the darkness.
3. Drakonius – A combination of “drakon” meaning dragon and “onius,” representing a fearless warrior with dragon-like strength.
4. Eldritch – Inspired by the Lovecraftian elements in Dark Souls, this name signifies an otherworldly and mysterious presence.
5. Emberen – Derived from “ember,” symbolizing a resilient and fiery spirit that endures against all odds.
6. Vendrick – Meaning “the one who conquers,” inspired by the powerful and enigmatic character from Dark Souls II.
7. Sablethorn – Combining “sable,” representing darkness, and “thorn,” symbolizing resilience, this name represents a warrior who thrives in adversity.
8. Havocryn – A fusion of “havoc” and “cryn,” signifying a warrior who brings chaos and destruction to their enemies.
9. Gwynric – Inspired by Lord Gwyn, the powerful ruler in Dark Souls, this name represents a leader of great strength and wisdom.
10. Abyssius – Derived from “abyss,” symbolizing the depths of darkness, this name represents a warrior who embraces and harnesses the power of the abyss.


German Girl Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Eldra – Meaning “fire serpent,” inspired by the powerful dragon enemies in Dark Souls.
2. Lysandra – Derived from the Greek word “lys,” meaning “to dissolve,” symbolizing the fleeting nature of life in the game.
3. Morwen – Meaning “dark maiden,” reminiscent of the mysterious female characters in Dark Souls.
4. Seraphine – Inspired by the ethereal and angelic creatures found throughout the game.
5. Valeria – Derived from the Latin word “valere,” meaning “to be strong,” representing the resilience of the game’s heroines.
6. Nyx – Meaning “night,” symbolizing the dark and foreboding atmosphere of Dark Souls.
7. Isolde – Inspired by the tragic characters in the game, symbolizing sacrifice and sorrow.
8. Sylvari – A unique name that represents the elven-like creatures found in Dark Souls, known for their grace and beauty.
9. Astrid – Derived from the Old Norse words “as,” meaning “god,” and “fridr,” meaning “beautiful,” signifying a divine beauty.
10. Morrigan – Inspired by the Celtic goddess associated with death and fate, representing the dark and mysterious aspects of Dark Souls.


German Boy Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Aldrich – Meaning “old ruler,” inspired by the powerful and devouring boss in Dark Souls.
2. Gwyn – Derived from the character Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, representing strength and nobility.
3. Solaire – Meaning “sun” in French, inspired by the optimistic and sun-worshipping knight in Dark Souls.
4. Artorias – Inspired by the legendary knight Artorias, symbolizing bravery and chivalry.
5. Siegmund – Meaning “victorious protector,” inspired by the character Siegmund, representing resilience and honor.
6. Ornstein – Derived from the dragon-slaying knight Ornstein, symbolizing courage and valor.
7. Vendrick – Inspired by the enigmatic King Vendrick, representing wisdom and leadership.
8. Lorian – Meaning “fierce warrior,” inspired by the character Lorian, symbolizing strength and determination.
9. Gehrman – Derived from the character Gehrman, the First Hunter, representing skill and expertise.
10. Ludleth – Inspired by the Lord Ludleth of Cinder, symbolizing intelligence and strategic thinking.


Indian Girl Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Ashara (meaning “hope” in Hindi) – Inspired by Ashara, a character known for her resilience and determination in Dark Souls.
2. Eilana (meaning “light” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by Eilana, a powerful sorceress who uses her magic to bring light to the darkness in Dark Souls.
3. Sylara (meaning “shadow” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by Sylara, a mysterious and elusive character who dwells in the shadows of Dark Souls.
4. Arya (meaning “noble” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by Arya, a brave and valiant warrior known for her unwavering spirit in Dark Souls.
5. Zarae (meaning “soul” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by the concept of souls, which play a crucial role in the world of Dark Souls.
6. Lirael (meaning “dark beauty” in Hindi) – Inspired by Lirael, a character with a hauntingly beautiful appearance and a deep connection to the darkness in Dark Souls.
7. Amara (meaning “immortal” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by the immortal beings known as the Undead in Dark Souls.
8. Nyla (meaning “night” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the night in Dark Souls.
9. Elara (meaning “star” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by the ethereal and celestial elements found in Dark Souls.
10. Vanya (meaning “forest” in Sanskrit) – Inspired by the lush and enchanting forests that hold secrets and challenges in Dark Souls.


Indian Boy Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Ashwin – Meaning “light of hope,” inspired by Ashen One, the protagonist in Dark Souls.
2. Surya – Meaning “sun,” inspired by Solaire of Astora, a character known for his unwavering optimism.
3. Arjun – Meaning “bright, shining,” inspired by Artorias the Abysswalker, a legendary knight in Dark Souls.
4. Karna – Meaning “ear,” inspired by Knight Lautrec of Carim, a character known for his distinctive helmet.
5. Varun – Meaning “god of water,” inspired by Vendrick, the King of Drangleic, who is associated with water and darkness.
6. Vayu – Meaning “wind,” inspired by Vamos, the blacksmith who resides in the Catacombs of Dark Souls.
7. Bhairav – Meaning “fierce,” inspired by the intimidating boss, Manus, Father of the Abyss.
8. Rudra – Meaning “roaring storm,” inspired by the Bed of Chaos, a chaotic and destructive boss in Dark Souls.
9. Dhruv – Meaning “pole star,” inspired by Darkstalker Kaathe, a primordial serpent who guides players towards darkness.
10. Aryan – Meaning “noble,” inspired by Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, the powerful and influential figure in the Dark Souls universe.


Japanese Girl Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Kurohana – Meaning “Black Flower,” inspired by the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Dark Souls.
2. Yamiyo – Meaning “Dark Night,” representing the haunting darkness that envelops the game’s world.
3. Kagetsu – Meaning “Shadow Moon,” symbolizing the eerie moonlit landscapes found in Dark Souls.
4. Kurogami – Meaning “Black God,” inspired by the powerful and enigmatic deities present in the game.
5. Yoru no Hime – Meaning “Princess of the Night,” representing the ethereal beauty and strength of female characters in Dark Souls.
6. Kurayami – Meaning “Gloom,” inspired by the oppressive and foreboding atmosphere of the game.
7. Akuma no Tenshi – Meaning “Devil’s Angel,” symbolizing the duality of light and darkness present in Dark Souls.
8. Yomigaeru – Meaning “Resurrection,” inspired by the recurring theme of rebirth and overcoming adversity in the game.
9. Kageboshi – Meaning “Shadow Star,” representing the mysterious and elusive nature of the celestial bodies in Dark Souls.
10. Ankoku no Hime – Meaning “Princess of Darkness,” symbolizing the allure and power of female characters associated with the game’s dark forces.


Japanese Boy Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Ryuji (龍二) – Meaning “dragon second,” this name represents strength and power, much like the formidable dragons in Dark Souls.
2. Hikaru (光) – This name translates to “light,” symbolizing the hope and determination found within the game’s dark and challenging world.
3. Takeshi (武) – Derived from the word for “warrior,” Takeshi embodies the courage and bravery required to face the daunting enemies in Dark Souls.
4. Haruki (春樹) – Meaning “spring tree,” this name signifies resilience and growth, reflecting the perseverance needed to overcome the game’s trials.
5. Kurogane (黒鋼) – Combining the words for “black” and “steel,” this name represents the unyielding nature of the protagonist, who battles against the darkness.
6. Kazuki (一輝) – Translating to “one shining,” this name encapsulates the hero’s journey to become a radiant force amidst the game’s bleak atmosphere.
7. Akira (明) – This name signifies “bright” or “clear,” embodying the protagonist’s pursuit of truth and enlightenment throughout the game.
8. Sora (空) – Meaning “sky,” Sora symbolizes the vast and limitless possibilities that await the player in the expansive world of Dark Souls.
9. Raiden (雷電) – Combining the characters for “thunder” and “lightning,” this name embodies the electrifying power and energy present in the game’s intense battles.
10. Shinjiro (真次郎) – This name, meaning “true second son,” represents the protagonist’s role as a chosen hero, destined to bring balance to the darkened world of Dark Souls.


Italian Girl Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Alessia (Defender of Mankind): Inspired by the character Alessia of Astora, a brave knight who fights for the protection of humanity.
2. Seraphina (Fiery Angel): Inspired by the Seraphim, powerful angelic beings in Dark Souls known for their intense flames and divine presence.
3. Valentina (Strong and Brave): Inspired by the character Valentina of Carim, a fearless warrior known for her unwavering courage in battle.
4. Luminara (Radiant Light): Inspired by the ethereal luminous beings found in the game, representing a symbol of hope and enlightenment.
5. Isadora (Gift of the Gods): Inspired by the character Isadora of Vinheim, a sorceress with a deep connection to the mystical forces of the world.
6. Rosalina (Enchanted Rose): Inspired by the enchanting roses found throughout Dark Souls, symbolizing beauty, mystery, and the cycle of life.
7. Eleonora (Shining Torch): Inspired by the Eleonora, a powerful weapon in the game that emits a brilliant light, guiding the way through darkness.
8. Belladonna (Beautiful Poison): Inspired by the poisonous plants and toxic environments in Dark Souls, representing a deadly beauty.
9. Vespera (Evening Star): Inspired by the character Vespera, a mysterious and alluring figure associated with the night and celestial bodies.
10. Serafina (Mysterious Serpent): Inspired by the serpents in Dark Souls, known for their cunning nature and involvement in the intricate lore of the game.


Italian Boy Baby Names Inspired By Dark Souls

1. Aldric – Meaning “old ruler,” this name is inspired by the character Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.
2. Luciano – Derived from the name Lucian, meaning “light,” this name pays homage to the character Lucatiel of Mirrah.
3. Gavino – A unique twist on the name Gavin, this name is inspired by the character Gavlan, known for his wheeling and dealing.
4. Vendel – Meaning “wanderer,” this name is inspired by the character Domhnall of Zena, who travels the world in search of rare items.
5. Sorenzo – A combination of the names Solaire and Lorenzo, this name represents the radiant and noble qualities of the character Solaire of Astora.
6. Vittorio – Meaning “victorious,” this name is inspired by the character Victor, a formidable knight in Dark Souls.
7. Salviano – Derived from the name Salvio, meaning “savior,” this name pays tribute to the character Siegmeyer of Catarina, who often finds himself in perilous situations.
8. Ciro – A shortened version of the name Cirion, meaning “lord,” this name is inspired by the character Ciaran, a skilled assassin.
9. Valerio – Meaning “strong” or “valiant,” this name is inspired by the character Knight Artorias, known for his bravery and skill.
10. Amadeo – Derived from the name Amadeus, meaning “lover of God,” this name pays homage to the character Knight Lautrec of Carim, who is driven by his devotion to a higher power.


In conclusion, whether you are a fan of the Dark Souls video game series or simply drawn to the dark and mysterious, there are plenty of baby names inspired by this captivating world that can be a perfect fit for your little one. From Indian to American, German to Japanese, Greek to Italian, the Dark Souls universe offers a diverse range of names that carry a sense of strength, resilience, and adventure. Whether you choose a name like Arjuna, Asher, Siegfried, Haruka, Ares, or Valentina, each name carries its own unique charm and cultural significance. So, embrace the darkness and embark on this naming journey with confidence, knowing that you are giving your child a name that is both meaningful and special. May their future be as epic and extraordinary as the world of Dark Souls itself.





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