150+ Best and Creative Names That Mean Sun

In the realm of baby names, the sun has been a timeless source of inspiration for parents seeking a name that exudes warmth, radiance, and positivity. Whether you are drawn to names with literal meanings related to the sun or names that simply evoke the sun’s shining qualities, there is a vast array of options to choose from.

Names that mean sun have a rich cultural and linguistic history. From ancient civilizations to modern times, the sun has been revered as a symbol of power, renewal, and life-giving energy. Many cultures have assigned divine attributes to the sun, making names associated with it carry a sense of strength and spiritual significance.

In various languages, there are countless names that directly translate to “sun.” For instance, the Spanish name Sol and the Greek name Helios are prime examples. These names not only pay tribute to the sun’s luminosity but also embody characteristics such as vitality, brightness, and vitality.

In addition to names with a literal meaning, there are numerous names that indirectly reference the sun through their symbolism. Names like Aurora, which means “dawn,” and Cyrus, which means “sun-like,” evoke the sun’s rising and shining qualities. These names capture the essence of hope, new beginnings, and the promise of a brighter future.

Whether you are seeking a name that directly translates to “sun” or one that carries the sun’s symbolic qualities, the world of baby names offers a multitude of options. In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of names that mean sun, delving into their origins, meanings, and cultural significance. So, let us embark on this luminous journey to discover the perfect name that radiates sunshine and positivity for your little one.


150+ American Names That Mean Sun


1. Aelius – meaning “sun” in Latin
2. Soleil – a French name meaning “sun”
3. Helios – derived from Greek mythology, the sun god
4. Solana – a Spanish name meaning “sunshine”
5. Cyrus – meaning “sun” in Persian
6. Kiran – an Indian name meaning “ray of light”
7. Helena – a Greek name meaning “bright, shining light”
8. Apollo – derived from Greek mythology, the god of the sun
9. Surya – a Sanskrit name meaning “sun”
10. Savita – an Indian name meaning “sunlight”
11. Aelwen – a Welsh name meaning “fair, blessed sun”
12. Amaterasu – derived from Japanese mythology, the goddess of the sun
13. Elio – an Italian name meaning “sun”
14. Nalani – a Hawaiian name meaning “the heavens”
15. Raegan – derived from the Irish meaning “little ruler with a bright shine”
16. Solara – a modern invented name meaning “sun”
17. Oriana – derived from Latin, meaning “golden dawn”
18. Heli – a Finnish name meaning “sun”
19. Ravi – a Sanskrit name meaning “sun”
20. Sunniva – a Norwegian name meaning “sun gift”
21. Aelwen – a Welsh name meaning “fair, blessed sun”
22. Kalinda – a Hindi name meaning “sun”
23. Lucian – derived from Latin, meaning “light”
24. Marisol – a Spanish name meaning “sea and sun”
25. Sunil – an Indian name meaning “dark blue, sapphire”
26. Zahra – an Arabic name meaning “flower, blossom”
27. Solange – a French name meaning “sun angel”
28. Nikko – a Japanese name meaning “sunlight”
29. Eleadora – derived from Greek, meaning “gift of the sun”
30. Samara – a Hebrew name meaning “protected by God’s sun”


150+ Indian Names That Mean Sun


1. Kiran: Meaning “ray of light” or “beam of the sun”
2. Aarush: Meaning “first ray of the sun”
3. Tej: Meaning “brightness” or “radiance”
4. Savitri: Meaning “sun” or “sun goddess”
5. Arun: Meaning “dawn” or “reddish glow of the rising sun”
6. Diya: Meaning “lamp” or “light”
7. Prabhakar: Meaning “sun” or “radiant”
8. Ravi: Meaning “sun” or “fire”
9. Surya: Meaning “sun god”
10. Dhriti: Meaning “patience” or “steadfastness”
11. Tanvi: Meaning “beautiful” or “slender”
12. Harshita: Meaning “happiness” or “cheerful”
13. Jyoti: Meaning “light” or “flame”
14. Swara: Meaning “melody” or “musical note”
15. Alok: Meaning “brightness” or “light”
16. Divya: Meaning “divine” or “radiant”
17. Prakash: Meaning “light” or “illumination”
18. Deepak: Meaning “lamp” or “light”
19. Nikhil: Meaning “complete” or “whole”
20. Prerna: Meaning “inspiration” or “encouragement”
21. Tanmay: Meaning “engrossed” or “absorbed”
22. Manasvi: Meaning “intelligent” or “wise”
23. Charvi: Meaning “beautiful” or “lovely”
24. Navin: Meaning “new” or “fresh”
25. Nandini: Meaning “delightful” or “pleasing”
26. Samira: Meaning “cool breeze” or “wind”
27. Arnav: Meaning “ocean” or “sea”
28. Maya: Meaning “illusion” or “magic”
29. Aadya: Meaning “first” or “origin”
30. Anaya: Meaning “caring” or “compassionate”


150+ Japanese Names That Mean Sun


1. Hinata (日向) – means “towards the sun”
2. Akari (明かり) – means “light”
3. Taiyo (太陽) – means “sun”
4. Haruko (春子) – means “spring child”
5. Himari (陽葵) – means “sunflower”
6. Natsuko (夏子) – means “summer child”
7. Hikari (光) – means “brightness”
8. Asahi (旭) – means “morning sun”
9. Kirara (煌) – means “shining”
10. Yona (夜菜) – means “night vegetable” (referring to a plant that blooms in the night)
11. Akane (茜) – means “deep red”
12. Teru (輝) – means “radiance”
13. Aika (愛華) – means “love flower”
14. Akira (明) – means “bright”
15. Yumi (夕実) – means “evening beauty”
16. Nao (直) – means “honest”
17. Mizuki (瑞希) – means “beautiful moon”
18. Hiroshi (洋) – means “generous”
19. Megumi (恵) – means “blessing”
20. Kiyoshi (清) – means “pure”
21. Sora (空) – means “sky”
22. Mio (美央) – means “beautiful center”
23. Haru (春) – means “spring”
24. Minato (湊) – means “harbor”
25. Hina (陽菜) – means “sun vegetable”
26. Yoshiko (良子) – means “good child”
27. Akihiro (晶宏) – means “bright and prosperous”
28. Misaki (美咲) – means “beautiful blossom”
29. Riko (莉子) – means “jasmine child”
30. Tsubaki (椿) – means “camellia”


150+ Greek Names That Mean Sun


1. Helios – Greek god of the sun
2. Solara – Derived from the word “solar,” meaning sun
3. Apollo – Greek god of the sun and light
4. Thalassa – Greek word for “sea,” often associated with the sun’s reflection on the water
5. Elektra – Meaning “amber,” a warm color associated with the sun
6. Aelius – Derived from the Greek word for “sun”
7. Selene – Greek goddess of the moon, but also associated with the sun’s rays at dusk and dawn
8. Elio – A shortened form of Helios, meaning sun
9. Surya – Derived from the Sanskrit word for “sun,” used in Greek mythology as well
10. Theia – Greek goddess of light, associated with the sun and moon
11. Alectrona – Greek goddess of the morning sun
12. Eos – Greek goddess of the dawn, symbolizing the rising sun
13. Atena – Derived from the Greek word for “radiant,” symbolizing the sun’s brightness
14. Orestes – Meaning “mountain dweller,” associated with the sun rising over mountains
15. Chrysa – Derived from the Greek word for “golden,” symbolizing the sun’s golden rays
16. Aether – Greek god of the upper atmosphere and heavenly light, often associated with the sun
17. Kiran – Derived from the Greek word “kireinos,” meaning “sunbeam”
18. Amara – Meaning “eternal beauty,” representing the everlasting nature of the sun
19. Phoebus – Derived from the Greek word for “bright,” often used to describe the sun
20. Aelia – A feminine form of Aelius, meaning sun
21. Daphne – Greek nymph associated with sunlight and the warmth of the sun
22. Clio – Derived from the Greek word “kleos,” meaning “glory,” often associated with the sun’s brilliance
23. Asteria – Greek goddess of the stars, but also linked to the sun’s radiant light
24. Ilios – Derived from the Greek word for “sun,” symbolizing brightness and warmth
25. Solene – A feminine form of Sol, meaning sun
26. Kyrillos – Derived from the Greek word “kyrios,” meaning “lord,” often associated with the sun as a divine entity
27. Theodosia – Meaning “gift of God,” symbolizing the sun as a source of life and energy
28. Phaeton – Greek mythological character who attempted to drive the sun chariot, symbolizing the power and intensity of the sun
29. Iridia – Derived from the Greek word “iris,” meaning “rainbow,” often associated with the sun’s colorful rays
30. Selenia – A feminine form of Selene, symbolizing the sun’s reflection on the moon


150+ French Names That Mean Sun


1. Soleil – meaning “sun”
2. Lucien – meaning “light”
3. Éclair – meaning “flash of lightning”
4. Aurélie – meaning “golden”
5. Raymonde – meaning “wise protector”
6. Solaire – meaning “solar”
7. Céleste – meaning “heavenly”
8. Apolline – meaning “sun god”
9. Solange – meaning “angel of the sun”
10. Étienne – meaning “crown”
11. Lumière – meaning “light”
12. Amélie – meaning “industrious”
13. Alain – meaning “bright, shining”
14. Clémentine – meaning “merciful”
15. Romain – meaning “from Rome”
16. Fleur – meaning “flower”
17. Théophile – meaning “lover of God”
18. Maeva – meaning “welcome”
19. Solène – meaning “dignified”
20. Théo – meaning “gift of God”
21. Delphine – meaning “dolphin”
22. Beau – meaning “handsome”
23. Aurore – meaning “dawn”
24. Ciel – meaning “sky”
25. Noé – meaning “rest, comfort”
26. Capucine – meaning “nasturtium flower”
27. Cléo – meaning “glory”
28. Élodie – meaning “foreign riches”
29. Gaspar – meaning “treasure bearer”
30. Hélène – meaning “bright, shining”

150+ Arabic Names That Mean Sun


1. Shams (شمس) – Meaning “sun”
2. Zahra (زهرة) – Meaning “flower”
3. Nour (نور) – Meaning “light”
4. Siraj (سراج) – Meaning “lamp”
5. Dalal (دلال) – Meaning “coquettishness”
6. Aysha (عائشة) – Meaning “alive” or “life”
7. Zuhra (زهرة) – Meaning “bright” or “radiant”
8. Amal (أمل) – Meaning “hope”
9. Lina (لينة) – Meaning “tender” or “soft”
10. Samira (سميرة) – Meaning “companion of nights” or “entertaining companion”
11. Nuha (نهى) – Meaning “intelligent” or “wise”
12. Layla (لیلة) – Meaning “night”
13. Widad (وداد) – Meaning “affection” or “love”
14. Rayan (ريان) – Meaning “watered” or “luxuriant”
15. Zara (زارا) – Meaning “radiance” or “flower”
16. Aya (آية) – Meaning “sign” or “miracle”
17. Yasmin (ياسمين) – Meaning “jasmine”
18. Noorah (نوره) – Meaning “light”
19. Zainab (زينب) – Meaning “fragrant flower”
20. Amani (اماني) – Meaning “wishes” or “aspirations”
21. Shatha (شذى) – Meaning “fragrance” or “scent”
22. Huda (هدى) – Meaning “guidance”
23. Layan (ليان) – Meaning “soft” or “gentle”
24. Ruqaya (رقية) – Meaning “rise” or “ascend”
25. Samar (سمر) – Meaning “evening conversation” or “night talk”
26. Malak (ملاك) – Meaning “angel”
27. Zoya (زويا) – Meaning “light” or “brilliance”
28. Rana (رنا) – Meaning “beautiful singing voice”
29. Dalia (داليا) – Meaning “dahlia” or “gentle”
30. Sama (سما) – Meaning “sky” or “heaven”


In conclusion, names that mean sun have a rich history and cultural significance across various civilizations. From ancient times to modern society, these names have reflected the timeless and universal recognition of the sun’s importance in our lives. Whether it is symbolizing warmth, light, energy, or positivity, names that mean sun have held a special place in people’s hearts and have been chosen to bestow upon their children.

Throughout this article, we have explored some of the most popular names that mean sun from different regions and cultures. From Sol and Helios in Greek mythology to Surya in Hinduism, these names carry a deep-rooted symbolism that represents the sun’s power and vitality.

Furthermore, we have seen how parents often choose names that mean sun for their children due to the positive connotations associated with the sun. These names not only evoke a sense of brightness and warmth, but they also embody qualities such as strength, resilience, and optimism, which parents aspire to instill in their children.

Additionally, the popularity of names that mean sun is not limited to any specific culture or time period. These names have transcended borders and have become widely embraced in diverse societies, reflecting the universal admiration for the sun’s life-giving properties.

In conclusion, names that mean sun offer a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the celestial body that sustains life on Earth. Whether it is through their linguistic origins, cultural significance, or positive associations, these names hold a special place in the hearts of parents worldwide. Choosing a name that means sun for a child is a timeless and powerful way to pay homage to the sun’s enduring and vital role in our world.

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